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Video: Dry run may have preceded al-Qaida bomb plot

  1. Transcript of: Dry run may have preceded al-Qaida bomb plot

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: That terrorist plot involving cargo bombs from Yemen just keeps getting more troubling the more they learn. The FBI is now investigating what might have been a dry run and whether al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen sent packages to the US to see how long it would take. Our justice correspondent, Pete Williams , has been covering this, has an update for us tonight. Pete , good evening.

    PETE WILLIAMS reporting: Right, Brian . Intelligence officials say this could have been an attempt to explore the logistics of international shipping. A month and a half ago in mid September, suspected al-Qaeda members in Yemen sent three packages to Chicago . Nothing hazardous was found when the boxes were checked en route and allowed to continue. They contained mostly books and papers. Nothing like the computer printers that hid explosives in the two packages sent last week. In Europe police are chasing a separate spate of package bombs, mostly in Greece , where they've made two arrests. Two bombs went off outside the Russian and Swiss embassies . Two others were found and destroyed at the Athens airport . And in Germany , police disarmed a bomb sent from Greece to the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel . Nobody's been hurt. The police suspect a radical anti-government group, but it's raising more questions about

    cargo screening. Brian: All troubling stuff, you're right, Pete . Pete Williams in Washington ,



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