Explainer: Go Behind the Scenes with the Crew of Lockup Raw

  • Lights, Camera, Action! Witness what it's like to tape inmates behind bars in this revealing look at the work of the Lockup Raw crew. Photos Courtesy of Jacob Hekter

  • The Pre-Interview

    “Lockup” Director of Photography Brian Kelly (pictured left), and Field Producer Kaj Larsen (right), pre-interview Maricopa County Jail inmate Titus Fisher.  Fisher is much better known by his rap moniker, Cuzzin’ Ice.  Our crew captured Fisher and his cellmate Donnell Thompson, aka Dooker Loc, rapping together in their cell.  But more importantly we told the story of their friendship-- one of a former gang member who has grown wiser with age and a young person who still revels in the gang scene.

  • Gangster Life

    Maricopa County Jail inmate Donnell Thompson, aka, Dooker Loc, was a high school football star who could have had a bright future.  But he told us he had no regrets about earning a name for himself-- not in a college stadium but as a member of the Crips street gang. 

  • Comic Relief

    When we shot our “Extended Stay” series at the Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, we just couldn’t contain inmate Josh Pike.  Pike is a mile-a-minute jokester who was always cracking up our crew in the middle of interviews.  In “Raw” viewers get to feel our pain as we try to interview an inmate with a wicked sense of humor.  We offer a little comic relief and also tell a poignant story of a young father dealing with drug addiction. 

  • Plenty of Practice

    When we shot at California’s famous San Quentin State Prison, we met a couple of amazing inmate artists.  One of them was Joe Askey, a soulful country singer who practices right outside the entrance to Death Row.

  • Nothing Up His Sleeve…

    When we visited the Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, AZ, we not only met some fascinating inmates, but some pretty unusual detention officers.  Officer Fulaytor had his own way of keeping the peace. He even pulls off a card trick or two on the cellblock.  As one inmate put it, “He respects us, so we respect him.” 

  • A Quiet Moment

    One of the thousands of inmates at Maricopa County Jail where most are awaiting trial or transfer to state prison.

  • Bloody Reminder

    A reminder to inmates and staff that the rec yard at San Quentin or any prison can be a dangerous place.

  • San Quentin Cellblock

    Cellblocks at San Quentin State Prison hold up to 800 inmates in cells that are stacked on tiers, five high.  Officers have to climb a lot of stairs in this 160-year-old facility.

  • Getting on the Write Track

    “Lockup” Director of Photography Brian Kelly takes an over-the-shoulder shot of Maricopa County Jail inmate, Joe Watson.   Watson is a former journalist with a gambling problem who turned to robbery to feed his habit.  We catch him using his writing skills to create poems for other inmates to send to their loved ones.

  • McNaughty

    Kelly McNaughton, aka “McNaughty” is… well, she’s what we call “great TV.”   We’ve documented her numerous hustles and her ability to draw other female inmates to make her bed, provide her with snacks and to basically make her life at Maricopa County Jail as comfortable as possible.  But her most unbelievable hustle… is revealed in “Lockup Raw.”

  • Dropouts

    Phillip Kirkpatrick (pictured right) and George Mariscal at San Quentin State Prison.  They share a cell but have very different feelings on gang involvement.

  • Two Sides of the Story

    When we met Rita Dziobecki at the Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, we were immediately struck by her missing left eye.  She told us about the shooting that left her injured.  We got another take from her former housemate who was involved in the crime that led to the shooting.  He’s also incarcerated at Maricopa.

  • Inside the Artist’s Studio

    “Lockup” Director of Photography Brian Kelly takes a shot of Steve Robbins at Indiana State Prison.  While serving 90 years for murder, Robbins spends much of his time creating beautiful oil paintings in his cell.


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