IMAGE: U.S. troops in Baghdad
Ali Jasim  /  Reuters
U.S. troops secure the scene Sunday after a blast outside the main gate of the U.S.-led coalition authority's headquarters in Baghdad.

The common thread in letters about this story was anger.  The focus of the anger ranged from the terrorists who committed the bombing, to the Iraqis, to the U.S. for starting the war in the first place, to the media for how (and why) news like this is reported.

Re: Car bomb explodes in central Baghdad

Name: J. B. Huddleston
Hometown: Mountain Home, Arkansas
Today's AP article: "24 Killed in Baghdad Bombing" had no author listed.  I question WHO makes up "AP" and gets away with commenting mixed in with reporting.  
Quote from middle of article:  "The bombing MAY have been a signal to the world organization to stay out of Iraq and a warning to Iraqis against cooperating with occupation forces.  The blast occurred at the main gate..."
Your "opinion" about what might result is read around the world and by our terrorist enemies!  Is that what you want to do?  Influence more of the same terrorist activities and put fear into UN members, preventing their help?  Seems suspect to me!  Millions like myself are fed up with non-factual reporting.  At the top of the article it said "International," so WHERE is this article coming from??

Name: Bobby Glori
Hometown: Manitoba, Canada
Today's news, 24 died in car bombing, belies the arrogant prediction of the war planners of the White House that the war in Iraq is a "cakewalk" that the Irqis would be "awed and shocked" with what hit them. America is a great nation, except for its national leaders both elected and unelected.  I find it grossly ironic, that America boasts as the bastion of democracy, yet the personalities that shape up or drive its foreign policies are unelected in high office such as Rumsfeld, Rice, and thier ilk.  What a sad day for America.  The invasion of illegal and immoral war waged by America against Iraq, rather than stamp out terrorism, the invaded country is transformed into a breeding ground for terrorism.

Name: Robert l. Smith, Jr.
Hometown: Friday Hrbor, WA
The tragic events of the week in Iraq (American soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed by several powerful bomb explosions), prove again how misguided President Bush and his advisors were in their plans to bring down Saddam by invading and occupying Iraq.  It's so sad and regretable they didn't listen to world opinion and the many voices who knew Bush's actions would only bring a new and unending army of terrorists into our troubled world.  Now, Bush goes back to the U.N. where he should have begun!

Name: Donnie McDermott
Hometown: Dacoma, Okla.
Please just report facts and not opinions. The comment about an administration that shunned UN help is unnecessary opinion and untrue. It adds nothing to the content of the story. Please give me (ALL) the facts and not your bias. Thank you

Name: Hongliang Xu
Hometown: Suzhou
I am a chinese.  I feel very sad for the thing, and I express my sympathy.  I also ask you to convey my solicitude to the American people, and hope the world peace forever.

Name: Bob Ranes
Hometown: Douglassville, TX
This type thing will not stop until the Iraq people stop it by getting more involved in their own communities.

Name: Larry Cathey
Hometown: Kelseyville, CA
Bombing, Assassins Gate.  As one reads articles such as this it is easy to form the opinion that the people of Iraq must indirectly support this type of activity or there would be more intelligence provided with offering a reward for information. 

Name: Concerned
Hometown: Glendale, AZ
The car bomb that killed twenty and injured at least 60 in Bagdad is not just the work of extremist Muslims.  It is a byproduct of the Muslim teaching of violence toward anyone or anything that disagrees with their viewpoint.  It is a view that needs to change within the Muslim community worldwide -and then they have to do something about the violence that they are responsible for.  Until they do that, the violence will only continue with Muslims standing on the sidelines in tacit approval of the extremists.

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