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Video: Ridding the GOP of Steele

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    >>> is michael steele . so after an impressive record of wins, why is the gop looking for a candidate to run against him? scott brown in massachusetts, then picking up six senate seats, more than 60 house seats, more than six governorships, and then talk about getting rid of them this guy was coaching a football team , you wouldn't even think about it.

    >> no. i mean, he is -- michael , i hope he runs. i know he is still thinking about it. i have been a --

    >> who is out to get him?

    >> there's -- from day one, there has always been a group of people who didn't think michael steele should be the chairman of the rnc and some of them are still members of the rnc, some off the committee. but i think the facts speak for themselves. i think with michael 's election victories and starting last year and then this year, i think he has a very -- an excellent chance of being re-elected.

    >> what are you reporting on this? what can you tell me -- an actual move to dump him if he tries again?

    >> yes, there is. chris , you can leave that up a little bit. i would say most people i talked to, 168 members of the rnc, the people that vote. steele was between 50 and 60 solid votes, needs 85, a simple majority to win. i don't know that he is going to get there. he may and he starts out ahead of anyone else. i think there is a desire among kind of the professional political class, consultants, strategists, people devising 2012 .

    >> where is karl rove ?

    >> i haven't talked to karl rove , i don't think he is behind michael steele . i don't know for a fact. chris , let me --

    >> isn't rove out there trying to free boot and raise money and create a network of people he can call the republican party as opposed to the rnc?

    >> well, chris , he certainly -- look, he was founding in the american of crossroads as well as ed gillespie rnc chairman. i wouldn't say it that way. i wouldn't say karl rove necessarily helps a candidate running against michael steele , i think rnc, committee people are resistant to having the big wigs, white house types tell them who it should be. so, i don't know being rove's candidate helps. i think there is a concern that michael steele for the fact you ran through his resume, he did have some wins, some people would say that republicans won in spite of him, not because of him. i think there is a desire to have some --

    >> mr. chairman --

    >> no, i totally disagree with that i mean, michael -- look where we were when he was elected office. we have lost the presidency. we had lost the congress. we didn't have a president in the white house to basically tell us who the rnc chairman was going to be, occurred for eight years that is the way it always works. so the chairmanship is up for grabs there were several people interested in t michael was very competitive from the beginning and he won. he has done a superb job and rnc raised $175 million. they have spent $175 million, but that is what party committees do, raise money , spend money and won election after election after election. i think the --

    >> and i think --

    >> the bus trip that he organized and scheduled was one of the best things that happened in bringing the 60-plus republican house members in and it also, i think, endeared michael steele to a lot of the rnc members who maybe he had not gotten enough because he spent time with them and also the tremendous things for their parties.

    >> you think nailing -- nailing the target on nancy pelosi worked?

    >> yes.

    >> why?

    >> i think she was, first of all, she was a major target to begin w.

    >> a lot of people never heard of her, did they? all these people hear of her?

    >> chris , i think she was known very well.

    >> chris , i think over the last four years on the pelosi subject, i think '06 when she became speaker all the aten she's got as the historic first woman in '10, the polling, 90-plus percent of people knew who she was and in a lot of these districts, these are swing moderate to conservative districts, she was deeply unpopular, just as a sidebar. i do think people knew her.

    >> thank you for that i need to be corrected. just amazed to see in local election she is becomes the key issue which she seemed


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