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Sarah Palin has given Joe Miller $5,000 for the ballot count in the hotly contested Alaska Senate race.

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Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto says Palin's political action committee made the donation to Miller's U.S. Senate Defense Fund.

The PAC's treasurer didn't immediately return a message.

Palin's SarahPAC gave Miller $10,000 for the primary and general election. In both races, Miller faced Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who ran as a write-in candidate after losing the primary to Miller.

Write-in ballots are now being counted, and both campaigns are raising money to oversee the effort and cover legal costs.

Miller also is getting help from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint's PAC reports raising more than $146,000 for what it calls a Miller "re-count" fund.

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Video: Real World: The Sarah Palin edition

  1. Transcript of: Real World: The Sarah Palin edition

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Sarah Palin has revealed she'll make a nine-day, 16-stop tour for her new book that comes out later this month. Some of those stops will be in some politically crucial places. Her new cable reality show, " Sarah Palin 's Alaska," makes its debut this weekend. Then there was her exposure during this past campaign season. So if she looks and sounds like perhaps she's running for president in 2012 , is she? Our report tonight from NBC 's Andrea Mitchell .

    ANDREA MITCHELL reporting: Sarah Palin is everywhere, making paid speeches, promoting this weekend's launch of her reality TV show .

    MITCHELL: In the audience for daughter Bristol 's appearances on " Dancing with the Stars ," sounding off on serious stuff like monetary policy on Twitter . "Today trade speech, tomorrow school event to start discussing quantitative easing for kids around US so they prepare for Fed's experiment with their future." And in paid speeches.

    Ms. SARAH PALIN: Go ask your parent it is they know what quantitative easing is and monetizing the debt, so they...

    MITCHELL: But also campaigning against the nanny state , a supposed cookie ban in Pennsylvania .

    Ms. PALIN: Who should be making the decisions what you eat and school choice and everything else? Should it be government or should it be the parents?

    MITCHELL: Except she got it wrong. The state advisory wasn't a ban at all. But while portraying herself as a political outsider...

    MITCHELL: ... Palin takes credit for tea party victories in a new SarahPAC video, while channeling Ronald Reagan 's campaign theme.

    Unidentified Man: She's improved her position substantially over the course of the last two years. If she gets into the race, she really complicates everybody's plans, particularly in Iowa . At least as of today, it's hard for me to see how anybody could beat Sarah Palin in Iowa .

    MITCHELL: Most Republican leaders, including potential candidates for president, think she is running, paving the way this month with another book tour with stops in early caucus and primary states like Iowa and South Carolina . So despite a new Gallup Poll tonight showing a majority of Americans disapprove of Palin , 80 percent of Republicans view her favorably.

    Ms. PALIN: Daniel , would you like to sing at an inauguration? Not


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