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    >>> it's been almost six months since the disappearance of kyron horman. kate snow is joining us with the latest.

    >> these six months have been so agonizing for kyron's birth parents. they firmly believe that his stepmother terry horman who dropped him off at school last june knows where he is and are .

    >> reporter: in new interviews, kyron's mother, father and stepfather are emphatic that his stepmother is responsible for kyron's disappearance.

    >> she has not proven her innocence in the investigative part of this process.

    >> reporter: this summer kaine said police informed him that his wife had tried to pay someone to kill him months before kyron went missing. terri horman denied that. but now for allegations from kaine about terry's character. kaine says it was common for terry to be visibly impaired from alcohol several times a week, and she would pass out on the couch. kyron's mom says those allegations are deeply upsetting.

    >> i wish i would have known it before. i wouldn't tolerate it and if i would have known i would have taken him out of that house in a second.

    >> reporter: terri horman has responded in court papers calling kaine 's allegations vicious. he's told law enforcement she had nothing to do with kyron's disappearance and before these new allegations surfaced terry's brother talked out in her defense.

    >> the family celebrated kyron's eighth birthday in his absence. his friends wish he would come home. carson lopez prays for kyron every night.

    >> please protect kyron and i say let kyron be safe and let him get home soon and let him get home safely.

    >> we're still searching . we're not going to give up searching and we'll never give up hope. as long as i'm living.

    >> reporter: kyron's parents are worried that as more time passes people are forgetting to look for kyron, they really want everyone to remember that picture of him, you remember with his red eyed tree frog science project that morning. we hear from others who saw kyron that morning he went missing and they're also going to map out what terri horman did that morning.

    >> you can see that "dateline" searching for kyron tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central time .


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