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  The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home, Part 2

  Where is Elizabeth Smart? After finding a window screen slashed in their home kitchen, Ed and Louis Smart continue to beg for Elizabeth's safe return as the search for their daughter turns from hope to despair.

The Way Back Home, Part 5

  Elizabeth's abductor, Brian David Mitchell, stands trial and the court hears testimony from a poised and calm Elizabeth as she testifies about her abduction.

Was Brian David Mitchell Insane?

  Jurors Roger Fadness and Jim Phillips give Dateline their take on the sanity of Brian David Mitchell during the trial of Elizabeth Smart, part of 'The Way Home', which aired Friday, Dec. 17 at 9pm/8c.

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Smart 'thrilled' after kidnapping verdict

Expert analyzes religious text in Smart case

Elizabeth Smart storms from court during testimony

Wife: Accused Smart kidnapper 'great deceiver'

Family: Smart's alleged kidnapper caused turmoil

Elizabeth Smart finishes Utah trial testimony

Elizabeth Smart tells of abductor's threats

Court halts Elizabeth Smart kidnap trial

Trial begins 8 years after Smart kidnapping

Judge: Suspect in Smart case can get fair trial


  Smart’s dad: Elizabeth wants to be a DA

Following a guilty verdict in his daughters’ kidnapping trail, Ed Smart tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that Elizabeth Smart was so inspired by the prosecuting team on her case that she wants to go to law school to give victims a “voice.”

  Juror 7: Smart’s testimony ‘compelling’

One of the jurors on the federal panel that convicted Brian David Mitchell of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart more than eight years tells TODAY’s Amy Robach that the now 24-year-old woman’s testimony played a critical role during deliberations that lasted less than 12 hours.

  Dec. 10: Nightly News Friday broadcast

Obama takes assist by Bill Clinton on tax cut deal; Elizabeth Smart case comes to a close; U.K. police investigate protest; Nobel Prizewinner's absence speaks volumes; One-third of private planes unidentified; FDA reviews safety of mercury dental filling; Nixon cops to prejudices on newly released t

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Elizabeth Smart responds to her captors guilty verdict
Elizabeth Smart
Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart addresses the media outside the federal court house following the guilty verdict in the Brian David Mitchell trail Friday, Dec. 10 2010 in Salt Lake City. Mitchell was found guilty for the June 5, 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.

Elzabeth Smart
Elzabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart arrives at the federal court house for the closing arguments in the trial of Brian David Mitchell Thursday, Dec. 9 2010 in Salt Lake City.

Brian David Mitchell
Brian David Mitchell

Brian David Mitchell enters the federal court house Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 in Salt Lake City. Mitchell is on trial for the June 5 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.