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Video: U.S.-made fake bomb source of German air scare

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    >>> we now know more about an air scare we reported on last night after a suspicious package turned up at the airport in africa. apparently bound for munich. germany was on alert for a possible terror attack . we now know the suspicious device was not a bomb. in fact, it appears to have been designed to be discovered. our own stephanie gosk has been covering this story for us. she's with us from our london bureau tonight. stephanie , good evening.

    >> good evening, brian. security officials confirmed today that what they thought was a bomb was actually a fake. and that it was made in the u.s. this photo obtained by german television of the alleged device shows wires, batteries and a clock. it has an attached note that reads nonhazardous and gives a name and contact number for a california based company. nbc news reached out to the owner who told us his firm is tiny and he made this model four or five years ago with some help from his grandmother. soon after the device was found, the fbi visited his office asking him questions. no one, not the police, the germans or the fbi can figure out how the device got to africa. but the confirmation this was a fake does little to lessen terrorism concerns in germany. one official says the danger is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

    >> stephanie , thanks.


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