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Today Show
Under the Knife: Before and after
Nov. 18: In the final part of a week-long series called "Under the Knife," "Today" host Katie Couric reveals two women who had non-invasive cosmetic procedures.
Today Show
Latest in plastic surgery
Nov. 17: "Today" show host Matt Lauer talks to plastic surgeon and star of "Dr. 90210" Robert Rey about the latest procedures.
Today Show
When plastic surgery goes wrong
Nov. 15: "Today" show's Matt Lauer talks to Denise Kumpel who needed four surgeries to correct a botched nose job.
Today Show
Non-invasive cosmetic surgery
Nov. 14:  "Today" show host Katie Couric talks to experts about ways to look younger without going under the knife.
Today Show
Why are more people going under the knife?
Nov. 14:  "Today" show host Katie Couric takes a look at the boom in cosmetic surgery.
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Cosmetic surgery in the United States

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