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updated 11/23/2010 2:55:09 PM ET 2010-11-23T19:55:09

Security officials issued an all-clear at Boston's Logan International Airport Tuesday after a suspicious package was discovered at a cargo area, NBC News reported.

Airport spokesman Phil Orlandella said a K-9 doing routine security indicated a scent by sitting down as he passed two duffel bags marked with a Nigerian address.

Orlandella called it a "low-level threat" but said authorities wanted to make sure the bags were fully examined.

The packages contained bedding material, NBC News reported.

Orlandella said no passenger were affected since the cargo building is about a mile away from passenger gates. Regular air traffic has not been effected, NBC News reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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    >>> a suspected suspicious package has now been isolated inside the cargo facility at logan international airport . on the phone, a former ntsb chairman. mark, what procedures are going on as far as you can tell? the k-9 dogs were the first to scent this suspicious package. we're told it might be two duffle bags.

    >> right now they have called in the bomb unit and after the dogs have alerted to this bag or these two bags, the handler would immediately call in for a bomb unit to come and examine and begin the process of understanding what is in those bags right now.

    >> and what are the dogs trained to discover, what kind of materials would trigger this kind of k-9 response?

    >> well, if he is a bomb sniffing dog, he's trained to basically alert when he smells a form of explosive. and it could be bullets, it could be a real bomb in and of itself, explosive material . there are a number of materials which in fact the dogs are trained to alert on. obviously the dog did did it. now wrks that said, these dogs are extremely effective in what they do. that doesn't always mean they're 100% correct.

    >> it could be a false positive , of course. and we understand that we should advise people at logan international that the cargo facility that they're checking is about a mile from the passenger terminal and that none of the passenger flights that we know of, no commercial flights, have been interrupted at all. mark, bear with me now. the state police troopers are responding, the response prompted by the police dog alerting to the package. location as we've pointed out not near any passenger terminals. state police xrks ploes sif ordinance preparing to further investigate us a pointed out. trooperses have evacuated the area, set up a secure perimeter. firefighters are also on the scene. further information will be provided by say the state police . so the next step is from the bomb unit and clearly after having saevacuated will be to try on determine with their gear when or not this is a false alarm .

    >> these. and these people are highly trained. they're experienced. they train routinely with both the dogs and special equipment to be able to detonate if that is necessary.

    >> all right, mark, rosenker. i


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