Image: Rescued teen in Suva, Fiji
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One of three teens is helped ashore after arriving at a naval base in Suva, Fuji, on Friday. staff and news service reports
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Three teenage boys who spent 50 days adrift in a tiny boat in the South Pacific Ocean walked ashore on shaky legs Friday after their chance rescue — celebrated on their home island hundreds of miles away as a miracle bringing them back from the dead.

The trio — Samuel Pelesa and Filo Filo, both 15, and Edward Nasau, 14 — told rescuers they survived on rainwater they collected, a handful of coconuts, raw fish and a seagull that landed on their 12-foot-long aluminum boat.

The boys set off Oct. 5 from their home island to one nearby. It's not known how they went missing, but the outboard motor may have broken down at sea.

Story: 'Miracle': Teens found alive after 50 days at sea

Worried family members reported them missing and the New Zealand air force launched a sea search. No sign of the tiny boat was found, and the village of 500 people held memorial services, expecting never to see the boys again.

They were picked up Wednesday by a fishing trawler, undernourished, severely dehydrated and badly sunburned, but otherwise well. The ship's first mate said the area they were in is way off any normal commercial shipping routes.

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They drifted 800 miles from where they set out — Tokelau, a bucolic collection of coral atolls north of Samoa that is New Zealand's territory.

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A Fiji navy patrol boat met the trawler Friday and escorted it into the harbor of its capital, Suva. The teens were met by New Zealand consular officials and taken directly to a hospital for medical checks. Looking thin, the three walked off the boat without speaking to reporters.

'A little weird'
Tai Fredricsen, first mate aboard the tuna boat San Nikuna, said a crew member spotted a small vessel bobbing in the open sea northeast of Fiji on Wednesday. "We knew it was a little weird," he said.

As it edged closer to investigate, the crew saw three people aboard waving frantically and asked them if they needed help.

"All they could say was 'thank you very much for stopping,'" Fredricsen told New Zealand's National Radio. "In a physical sense, they look very physically depleted, but mentally — very high."

After the rescue, one of the boys managed to reach his grandmother by phone from the fishing boat. As news of their survival spread, the village erupted in joy.

"I didn't understand what she was saying, but I could tell she was ecstatic and over the moon to find out they were still alive," Fredricson said according to the New Zealand Herald.

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"It's a miracle, it's a miracle," said Tanu Filo, the father of Filo Filo. "The whole village, they were so excited and cried and they sang songs and were hugging each other in the road. Everybody was yelling and shouting the good news," he told Radio New Zealand International.

Fredricsen said the boys reported having just two coconuts with them when they set out. During their ordeal, they drank rainwater that collected in the boat and ate fish they had caught. Once, they managed to grab a sea bird that landed on the boat and they devoured that, Fredricsen said.

"They are in incredibly good shape for the time they have been at sea. Somehow they caught a bird, I don't know how, but they caught it. They ate it, that is what is recommended (in survival manuals)," Fredricsen told New Zealand media.

The rescue came not a moment too soon: Fredricsen said they had begun to drink sea water because it hadn't rained in the past few nights.

He said the tuna boat's crew had given the boys small portions of fruit and fluids.

Cmdr. Francis Kean, Fiji's naval commander who was among those who met the teens, said they had been unable to keep down solid food. The boys would be fed fluids and carefully watched by doctors at a military hospital.

"They were surviving on rainwater, sea water, bird meat and flying fish, so that's kept them alive," Kean told reporters. "They suffered from severe dehydration, as you notice when they got off some of them were still weak on their legs."

Kean said the teens would not be available to speak to the media until they were healthier.

Isolated waters
Fredricsen said the waters where the teenagers were spotted are isolated and commercial vessels rarely pass through. The San Nikuna was there trying to shorten its return journey to New Zealand.

"We would never have been there. It's an area we wouldn't fish. We were on the way down to New Zealand. They just appeared on our bow, we didn't have to turn the boat towards them or nothing, they were right smack there on our bow," Fredricsen told TVNZ.

The boys come from the atoll of Atafu, one of three that comprises the tiny Tokelau island group where 1,500 people live. The Tokelau Islands are about midway between New Zealand and Hawaii.

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Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo, picture-perfect South Pacific islets, lie 300 miles north of Samoa, surrounded by 128 mostly uninhabited coconut palm-covered islets. The territory has a total land area of just 4.7 square miles.

Four years ago two fishermen from Samoa survived almost four months at sea before being rescued. Two others on their small metal boat died of thirst and starvation, The Australian newspaper reported.

In 1942, a Chinese sailor, Poon Lim, spent 113 days alone in the South Atlantic after his ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat, The Australian said. He survived and his ordeal is thought to be the record for the longest time spent adrift.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Video: Teens rescued after 50 days adrift at sea

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    >>> three teenaged boys set sail on the south pacific on october 5 , they never made it back to shore, their families asuled the boys were dead, but incredibly they have now been found alive 50 days after their ordeal began. one of the rescuers shared the remarkable details with us.

    >> we could see that it was a small speedboat and that it had three individuals inside it. once we are in calling distance, i did ask them if they needed help, and one of the boys relied yes, and in the same sentence, he said we have been adrift for two months. once hearing that, i immediately got my crew active into launching the rescue boats. it was just amassing to he them in that state as they came on the bode. they were as you can seeing their physical being was very heart breaking and it was just incredible to see how they were still okay. they only had a few coconuts for the first few days. and they more or less sustained themselves on this fresh rain water and they did manage to catch a bird, a sea bird about two weeks before we did rescue them which probably did give them enough nutrition to carry them for those next couple of weeks but they were just skin and bones , their skins was just falling off their bones, but their spirit, their mentality was just overwhelming. they were smiling, as we extracted them from the boat. i believe it was just a real miracle that we did come across this boat while we were traveling in a remote area in the south pacific . they were spirit was just so high, they were incredible. and i just couldn't believe they had this will power still after so long.

    >> the boys are in great spirits, they're currently receiving medical attention at a local hospital. they have already started to put on some weight. almost out of the movie "cast away."

    >> i'm already seeing a made for tv movie . what an amazing story.

    >> and to be discovered on thanksgiving. they got a lot to be thankful for.


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