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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he's more inclined to run for president in 2012 than not to make a bid.

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Gingrich says he probably won't make a decision until late February or early March. But he says that talking to friends and thinking about such an undertaking have made him more inclined to believe that "it's doable."

He tells "Fox News Sunday" that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is probably the front-runner for the Republican nomination, in terms of campaign structure. And Gingrich says former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is probably the most popular of the likely GOP candidates.

As for where he stands in a potentially crowded field, Gingrich says he's competitive and somewhere in the bunch.

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Video: Gingrich poised for White House run?

  1. Transcript of: Gingrich poised for White House run?

    MR. GREGORY: Back with a couple of closing thoughts. Speaker Gingrich , somebody made a smart point the other day, said, "You know what, Newt Gingrich will be the first to announce for president. He'll do it in January in Iowa ." Where are you? You going to run?

    REP. FORD: I'm leaning back for you.

    REP. GINGRICH: How's that? It's like you and the Senate race last year. No, I, I think Callista and I'll make a decision probably in February; and probably, if we do run, we'll announce, I suspect, in late March. But we're still months away from that.

    MR. GREGORY: What's going into your thinking on that?

    REP. GINGRICH: I think partially can you create a movement that really wants to get to fundamental change and can you make that bigger than the presidency. I don't you can solve problems in a country of 513,000 elected officials by focusing only on the Oval Office .

    MR. GREGORY: Do you really think the president's vulnerable in 2012 ?

    REP. GINGRICH: Sure. I mean -- but he's not, he's not, he's not beaten. The -- this president has enormous capacity to recover. I think the economy will actually get marginally better over the next year, and he and the House Republicans will fight over who did it. But I suspect he'll -- we'll be at closer to 8 percent than to 10 percent unemployment in '12.

    MR. GREGORY: But the Republicans I talk to say that Sarah Palin and the tea party have created a whole new dynamic on the Republican side . It is impossible to say who's got an early edge. What is the impact?

    REP. GINGRICH: Yes. I think that's exactly right, and I think it's like all the races we saw this year. You will not know who the nominee is until very late in the spring of, of 2012 because Governor Palin has a role, Governor Huckabee has a role, Governor Romney has a role, you know, Governor Daniels . I mean, go down the list, Governor Pawlenty , Governor Barbour . I mean, you could have 12 or 15 candidates out there early next year, and you won't know how the conversation leads to a decision until it actually happens.


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