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Video: Assange vows to fight extradition

  1. Transcript of: Assange vows to fight extradition

    NATALIE MORALES, anchor: Julian Assange is being held without bail in London . NBC 's Peter Alexander is outside Wandsworth Prison with the very latest. Peter , good morning.

    PETER ALEXANDER reporting: Natalie , good morning to you. Julian Assange is here at what is Britain 's largest prison. He's being kept separate from the rest of the inmates. Today he is vowing to fight extradition to Sweden , where he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. Cameras swarm this London courthouse Tuesday fighting for the first public image of Assange in more than a month. Inside, the WikiLeaks founder isolated in a glassed-in defendant's box.

    Mr. RAVI SOMAIYA (The New York Times): He spoke with a very clear and deliberate voice despite all the drama going on around him.

    ALEXANDER: Asked for his address, Assange gave a PO box in Australia . The judge later called him a flight risk and denied bail.

    Mr. MARK STEPHENS (Assange's Attorney): This is going to go viral. Many people will come forward to stand assureties for Mr. Assange .

    ALEXANDER: Swedish authorities want to question Assange about claims by two women who met him in Stockholm at this WikiLeaks seminar in August, claims that sex with Assange was ultimately not consensual and unprotected, allegations Assange denies. A British newspaper reports the dispute may focus on the women's desires that Assange be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. An intense scene as this armored police van, Assange inside, left the courthouse for prison. Assange is due back in court in London next week. Legal experts say the extradition process could take months. And also this morning, Natalie , we have learned that Internet hackers who support Julian Assange have attacked MasterCard 's Web site in revenge, they say, for the company shutting down service to WikiLeaks .


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