Image: Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
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Cameron, left, and Tyler Winklevoss at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston this year. The Olympic rowers gained fame through the movie 'The Social Network,' about their business battles with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
updated 12/9/2010 5:13:42 PM ET 2010-12-09T22:13:42

You've read the news everywhere: Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are suing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg again.

The basic allegation remains the same. They say Zuckerberg unfairly cut them out of an ownership stake in Facebook. ( Back story here. )

Now, in an ironic turn, we've learned that there's another player in this drama who alleges that the Winklevoss brothers did a very similar thing to him.

His name is Wayne Chang.

In a suit filed late last year, Chang says the Winklevoss brothers merged their company, ConnectU, with Chang's Web development business to create a new company, The Winklevoss Chang Group (WCG).

Chang's complaint says that though the Winklevosses "expressly agreed that the litigation between ConnectU and Facebook was an asset of ConnectU and an asset of WCG," he never got any of the millions of dollars the Winklevoss brothers got when the sold ConnectU to Facebook as part of their settlement with Mark Zuckerberg.

Delightfully, Chang's complaint even includes an instant messenger conversation between him and Cameron Winklevoss.

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Video: Winklevoss twins: Facebook was our idea

  1. Closed captioning of: Winklevoss twins: Facebook was our idea

    >>> we're back now at 7:42 with the controversy surrounding the social network , it's hollywood's take on the creation of facebook . mara has details on this.

    >> when he created facebook , 26-year-old mark zuckerberg made his fair share of enemies. he's accused of stealing the idea for the website, an allege that will now play out on the big screen .

    >> your best friend is suing you for $600 million.

    >> i didn't know that, tell me more.

    >> reporter: the social network , hollywood's take on the web's biggest drama.

    >> they got 2,800 hits within two hours?

    >> reporter: it's about how facebook was founded in 2004 by harvard university graduate zuckerberg . he was a computer geek who stole the idea from his friend. the alleged ed betrayal -- worth an estimated $4 billion by 25. but it doesn't come without a cost. zuckerberg 's former classmates, identical twins tyler and cameron winklevoss sued him in 2004 . zuckerberg decided to steal their ideas and the business plan and to launch his own website.

    >> wait a second, isn't this the exact project that we were working on and isn't the exact person that we were working on it with.

    >> the twins now getting mbas in england, settled the case for $65 million, part of it in facebook stock. now they want it vacated.

    >> they believe they effectively created facebook , which is worth a lot more than that.

    >> reporter: facebook tells nbc news we have considered the winklevoss suit closed for years and we wish them well in their future endeavors.

    >> they're saying we stole facebook , did we?

    >> reporter: still it's the latest in an onslaught of pr. the movie facebook doesn't want you to see. last year there was a public outcry when the site changed it's privacy settings. he allegedly mocked his users for submitting personal information saying, quote, they trust me and then calling them dumb.

    >> mark zuckerberg is absolutely known to be aloof and arrogant and avoids big public social situations and keeps to himself, he's pretty awkward.

    >> reporter: the man described as socially awkward is "today's" king of social media . facebook has 500 million users, one of every 14 users in the world. so far the bad press hasn't kept users from the site which means this social net work probably won't keep people from this one. zuckerberg on face bock did not cooperate with the making ots movie. in a recent interview, zuckerberg says he does not plan to see it.

    >> cameron and tyler winklevoss are with us now. before we get to the nuts and bolts of this, have you had an advanced screening of this movie? have you seen any of it?

    >> we have not seen it aside from the trailers that were on the internet.

    >> have you read the script?

    >> i have read the script.

    >> did you contribute information and materials to the making of this movie.

    >> no, but we actually met with the actors after the filming and the little bit that we know is that they say we'll be happy with it.

    >> so when zuckerberg 's people say it's fiction, you say it's in fact the truth?

    >> it's probably closer to the truth than they would like to believe. but we won't know until we see it.

    >> let me try and nail you down on this settlement. the settlement was reached in 2004 . $65 million, are we in the right ballpark here.

    >> we can't comment directly. it's publicly --

    >> it's been reported.

    >> it's batted around publicly. so --

    >> so it's close?

    >> we can't really talk about it.

    >> there's going to be people right now who say you want to open this again, you say that's not enough, we didn't understand the value of this company and there are people who say, you signed a deal. they offered you a contract, nobody put a gun to your head back in 2008 to take whatever, how ever many millions of dollars, why do these guys deserve a second viewing?

    >> there's actually two elements of bwhy we're challenging the agreement, and first of all the spirit of the agreement has not been upheld by their side, with respect to part of the settlement been the ek quit by. they misled us.

    >> you had some smart lawyers at the time, they had the rug pulled over their eyes?

    >> it's a situation where facebook has all the information on their valuation and how they value their company and unless they provide that to us, which we believe they're obligated to, it's impossible to really tell what the value is other than what they represent.

    >> and what's the second element? you said there's two.

    >> the second element is that they sat on and hid elements of mark's electronic messages, and now it's going to be six years. so the information that we should have had when we entered into a mediation, such as his conversations to his friends that showed deliberate premeditation and sandbags that we didn't have at the time.

    >> mark zuckerberg is not without his critics, but you guys have your critics as well. they said your site was not more than a dating service and others say much of what you proposed was already out there and that you were lucky to get the $65 millionor whatever it was. how do you respond to that.

    >> what we had at harvard when we approached mark zuckerberg , it was a project that was well on its way to completion. it was identical to how facebook operate s today. that argument has mainly been advanced by facebook for obvious reasons.

    >> mark zuckerberg , i'll give you three terms, business whiz, genius, evil genius ? which is more accurate.

    >> evil is a pretty strong word.

    >> i think a guy who was a team member and partner with us who did not want to play as a team member and took an idea and has run with it and sort of --

    >> confident that you'll succeed in this latest effort?

    >> we're going to keep at it. we're certainly not going to back down, we'll do our best, for sure.

    >> tyler and cameron winklevoss, thank you for coming in.


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