One of the most popular features on — with almost 20 million visits a year! — is Wonderful World. In this section you will find uplifting, happy stories and videos from the U.S. and abroad — tales of rescues and heroism; cute stories about kids and animals; and heartwarming acts of generosity that demonstrate the best of the human spirit.

But which ones are — drum roll, please — the Happiest of the Year? Well, the tally is in, and here are the Top 10 Happiest Stories of 2010, as measured by the numbers of times site users clicked on them.

Read them all — they're bound to warm your heart during this cold end-of-year weather. In fact, we're so sure that you'll want to read more of these positive postings that we've included 10 more of our personal favorites.

A very happy holiday season to you from the editors of Wonderful World!


The envelope, please:

1. Store clerk wins $258.5 million Powerball
‘Great guy’ had just $28.96 in his bank account; plans dentistry, Disney trip

2. Misprint leads to $128.6 million lottery jackpot
Autoworker bought Powerball ticket while Christmas shopping

3. Texan may be world's luckiest lottery winner
With fourth win, elusive woman has won $20.4 million since 1993

4. Couple's babies born 8/8/8, 9/9/9, 10/10/10
Michigan family appears on TODAY show after incredible coincidence

5. $261.6 million Powerball ticket sold in Ohio
Store owner: It's the most exciting day in history of 61-year-old business

6. Pa. lottery pays $7.77 million after 7-7-7-7 hits
Last quadruple set — of twos — came up in September 2008

7. Alcoa gives recycled cans to wedding fund
Wash. couple want to pay for ceremony — and help environment

8. Hang on, baby! Daddy’s home from Iraq

Mom defies orders and drives 3 hours to grab husband for delivery

9. World's oldest man marks 114th birthday in Montana
Secret to long life: 'Cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women — and a good sense of humor'

10. NYC cab driver returns $21,000 to passenger
Italian tourist left purse loaded with cash for family's vacation in taxi

    1. Mobile clinics are lifeline for those in need

      The mobile clinic – known as the "big blue bus" in some communities – travels throughout New York City’s boroughs, complete with nurses, a physician and fully equipped examination rooms to provide free healthcare to those in need. Full story

    2. Deaf Seattle Seahawks Fullback Inspires Fans in Viral Ad
    3. Son surprises parents with 130-pound weight loss
    4. Vegas cabbie gets $10K reward for returning cash
    5. Helping those with Down syndrome reach their highest potential


Man finds lost class ring 27 years later
Maine resident had lost band while swimming in quarry

2. Bus driver saves 10 from blazing home, finishes route
'People have got to go to work,' hero says after N.Y. rescue drama

3. Prodigal kitty returns home five years after Katrina
Seven-year-old cat found 15 miles away is identified by implanted microchip

4. Ice-floe dog joins crew of ship that saved him
‘Baltic’ shares sausage breakfast with crew, sticks close to rescuer

5. Goats rescued after 2 days on overpass ledge
They were plucked to safety with a towering cherry picker

6. Sisters find $18,000 in sack, return it to owner
Their honesty made one Utah car salesman a very happy man

7. Grandma gets 80th birthday surprise: Her wedding ring
Montana man recovers widow's lost band from garden

8. Library gets book back after some 35 years
Someone returns it during the library's Amnesty Week for overdue books

9. Conn. mayor donates kidney to Facebook friend
She says she just had a feeling she would be a perfect match

10. Fireman dresses as Spider-Man to rescue boy
Comic-loving autistic kid on balcony had refused to let others near him

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