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Video: Reports: Holbrooke in critical condition

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    >> some breaking news, this out of washington, d.c., where the state department has just released some new details on the condition of am pass door richard holbrooke . he underwent surgery this morning. athena jones has the latest from the white house .

    >> reporter: good afternoon. it says ambassador richard holbrooke was admitted to the hospital yesterday. this morning the doctors complete add surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. he is in critical condition and has been joined by his family. he is the special representative for afghanistan and pakistan. he's a veteran diplomat. during the clinton administration he helped broker a peace accord that ended the war in bosnia. the white house is not commenting at this time but you can bet they're following it closely just as the state department is. we know he's hads have cue can lar problems in the past. we once had a blood clot that cause add delay to a trip in afghanistan. he's been traveling frequently in his role in the administration. this illness comes on as the administration prepares to conduct its annual review of afghan policy. that's supposed to be coming up this week. officials will tell you this is an ongoing assessment. there are no big major changes coming up, but, still, it comes as an important time. the white house and the state department are going to be looking at this closely.

    >> no doubt. ath athena jones, we appreciate that.


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