Explainer: Cold can't stop star gazing, wedding, surfing

  • View images sent by readers of the cold front across the Midwest, South and Northeast.

  • Submitted by Matt Freechack
    Submitted by Matt Freechack

    I live in Grand Rapids, Mich., but traveled to Lake Odessa, Mich. (20 miles east of Grand Rapids) to take pictures due to the lack of city lights in that area. I wasn't disappointed. By that time, the moon had set and the sky was completely dark, save for the stars. Meteors were flying all over the sky the entire time that I was out there. I have never seen so many. It was part of the reason that I stayed out for nearly two hours in 4 degree weather.

    I lost feeling in my toes after the first hour (which made the drive home interesting to say the least). The first picture was taken with an exposure time of 803.8 seconds looking north at 3:20 am. Each time I look at this picture, I seem to see more of them. I have found a total of 18 meteors in this shot.

    The second picture was taken shortly before dawn once I got home to Grand Rapids. The picture is the view facing south. Venus is the bright object on the left. The meteor is on the top right corner.

  • Submitted by Gary Barthe
    Hard Freeze in Florida: Ice on thermometer box at the University of Florida field plot at Lake Alfred; 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

    Irrigation water was run overnight in order to ice over the citrus trees and moderate the sub-freezing temperatures.

  • Very low visibility on the roads in Boone, N.C., with extremely high winds and white out conditions!

  • Submitted by Daryl Sager

    St. Paul, Minn., 22 inches in the driveway!

  • Submitted by Tom Dawson

    Jon and Jen Beaudry were married in St. Michael, Minn., during a bizzard on Saturday afternoon that dumped 20+ inches of snow in certain areas of the state.

    Here the bride, boots and all, and groom can be seen fighting the elements as they make their way to the car with personal attendant, Maggie McLoone.

  • Submitted by Tim Mlodozyniec

    What to do in December when there's a -25 degree wind chill factor outside? Go surfing! At least that's what Peter Steltz, a University of Minnesota-Duluth student, considers a good time, doing so on Monday along Lake Superior.

    Peter talked with me for a minute before he had to jump back in the lake, where it was much warmer. He said there weren't many more days left for surfing, as the shoreline was going to ice up soon. It looked pretty icy to me! After shooting a few more photos, I had to retreat to my nice warm truck.

  • Submitted by Adam Simms
    Recent Midwest snow storm.  Snow covered picnic table and porch.
  • Submitted by Evan Bath

    Snow storm clean up in Lacrosse, Wis., on Sunday.


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