Video: Bus driver quits after mowing down snowman

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    ANN CURRY, anchor: And a cold hit-and-run that flattened a poorly placed snowman and left one bus driver out of a job in Illinois . In this YouTube video , a car carefully steers around a snowman in the middle of the road . Well, moments later a bus veers to the left side of the road and takes the snowman down. After a meeting with transit officials, the bus driver abruptly resigned. It looks like a prank gone wrong, and a group has already popped up on Facebook calling for the bus driver to be reinstated. More than one meltdown there. It is now 7:19. Let's go back to Matt , Meredith and Al .

    MEREDITH VIEIRA, co-host: Yeah, why did he lose his job? That doesn't make sense.

    MATT LAUER, co-host: I think he may have been trying to get the snowman out of the road so that other cars didn't have to swerve around it...

    VIEIRA: Oh, maybe he was.

    CURRY: Oh it was a Samaritan move.

    LAUER: ...causing a -- causing a problem, is what I would think, you know.

    VIEIRA: Interesting. Then why would he resign?

    LAUER: I think we in some ways are rewarding the knuckleheads who put that there by showing that video.

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