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Since TechNewsDaily went live last January, we have been proud to help our readers navigate the tech landscape with news you can use and sound product advice over the course of the year. We aim to keep readers in the know about cutting-edge tech developments and took some fun detours along the way. 

Here are ten of our best stories from our inaugural year.

Air Force Invests in 'Batman' Technologies for Special Forces Soldiers

The military has taken a cue from a favorite comic book superhero in developing new technologies to make sure our Special Forces are the best of the best.

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How to Write the Perfect Password

With ever more of our lives going digital – and the threat of identity theft growing as well – knowing how to craft a secure password has become an absolutely critical skill.

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Digital Camera History: The Evolution of the Camera

Digital cameras: revolutionary, adored, and now traced back to their origins.

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What to Do Before (and After) You Lose Your Cell Phone

This next story is a two-parter that offers crucial advice on how to mitigate the loss of a cell phone – both before and after such a potentially devastating event goes down.

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U.S. Sitting on Mother Lode of Rare Tech-Crucial Minerals

Within the everyday gadgets we know, love and depend on are exotic elements, the supplies of which are dwindling in places such as China. To avoid a future crisis, the U.S. needs to develop its own domestic supplies of these so-called rare earth minerals. This story was one of many on TND to document the looming problem.

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'Viruses Are Winning': Malware Threat Outpaces Antivirus Software

In the arms race pitting hackers, scam artists and cyberpunks against ordinary people and antivirus service providers, the bad guys have gotten the upper hand, as this article reports.

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Social Media: Huge, and Here to Stay

In becoming household names, Facebook and Twitter have changed how we interact and communicate as a society. These social media titans, however, are the tip of the iceberg. Love it or hate it, here's why social media is here to stay. 

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How HTML5 Will Revolutionize the Web

The Internet is ready for an upgrade. Here's the programming language that will make it easier for the chefs of the Web to cook up tasty new dishes in the future.

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Iron Man Technology Has Real-Life Analogs

The third highest-grossing movie in the U.S. of 2010, "Iron Man 2," inspired a look into the cutting-edge technologies that blur the line between movie fantasy and real life.

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Everything You Thought You Knew About Batteries Is Wrong

Batteries: We depend on them for so much, yet many of us don't know how to properly care for the unassuming cartridges that power our cell phones, laptops and household gizmos. This next article gives tips for how to extend the life of batteries and how to buy the right kind in the first place.

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