Explainer: How readers are coping with the snow

  • Scroll down to see how msnbc.com readers are coping with the blizzard of 2010, and click here to tell us what it's like in your neck of the woods.

  • Submitted by Peter Troia  /  UGC
    Ridiculous!! Main road not plowed After 2 days!!
    Submitted by Peter Troia  /  UGC
    Unplowed main commercial road in Brooklyn

    I wish I had a direct email to Mayor Bloomberg but I do not so perhaps you (NBC) can help me relay the message: I had never seen such horrible planning as to the plowing of streets of all boroughs. This is a disgrace since we little people that have mortgages and have to work even harder to pay for the property taxes that have gone up by more than 100% in the past few years and can't even go to work since the streets in Brooklyn are NOT PLOWED AS OF 12:05 PM on Tuesday!!

    Stop blaming us trying to get to work and getting stuck. If your Billionaire "behind" would have dispatched the adequate amount of plows on Sunday night we would have not have gotten stuck in the first place!

    -Peter Troia, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Brad Schon  /  UGC

    The lazy snow clean-up effort in Queens causes a resident to put up a sign. Corner of Fresh Pond and 70th Ave in Ridgewood.

    -Brad Schon, Queens, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Nathan Tschetter  /  UGC

    Ambulances have been stuck for days because the roads just are simply not plowed and they cannot get around cars, 18 wheelers; it is just a mess.

    -Nathan Tschetter, Queens, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Ramkumar Mathur  /  UGC
    Snow Blizzard

    I took the picture from 168 W Street, Columbia University, N.Y. New York City seems covered with snow particles.

    -Ramkumar Mathur, Bronx, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Brett Littlejohn  /  UGC
    Waiting at a make-shift bus stop for a 1st Ave bus

    This photo was taken around 12:15 p.m. on Monday. I haven't lived in the city long enough to witness a blizzard prior to this one, so this is my first. That might explain why I thought a bus would be running up 1st Ave.

    The 71st and 1st Ave stop was buried to its benches, so people carved out a make-shift bus stop, and a line of potential commuters quickly formed thinking a bus would eventually come.

    It never did, and I, along with a few others, ended up hiking to 68th and Lex and taking the train up town.

    For such a massive amount of snow, I am so surprised and inspired by how many New Yorkers help other New Yorkers out. Residents were shoveling sidewalks that weren't theirs, and passer-byers were helping stranded motorists who had optimistically turned down unplowed streets.

    In a city often criticized for its chilly demeanor, I found today, the chilliest of the winter days thus far, brought out the warmest, most compassionate people.

    As I was stepping and slushing my way home, I couldn't help but notice the serene city surrounding me, and I realized that even in the most blistery of blizzards, you can still always love New York City.

    -Brett Littlejohn, New York, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Jack Cohen  /  UGC

    Stranded buses on Lower 5th Avenue.

    -Jack Cohen, New York, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Nelson Figueroa  /  UGC

    Stairs to nowhere.

    -Nelson Figueroa, Far Rockaway, N.Y.

  • Submitted by V Cacciotti  /  UGC

    As of 3:54 p.m. the snow plowers still have not made an appearance.

    Mayor Bloomberg said Staten Island received 20 inches of snow. Well they didn't come to measure in Eltingville.

    -V. Cacciotti, Staten Island, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Luis Espinoza  /  UGC

    Parking rules no longer applicable in neighborhood.

    As we wait for the snow plows to come to Elmhurst Queens, we walked to Georgia Diner which is by Queens Blvd. What normally is a 7 minute walk from our home, took 1/2 hour to reach. Queens Blvd was impossible to cross, so we went through the train underpass to get to the other side and finally get to the diner where we had breakfast.

    The neighborhood seemed desolate and the roadway was still not visible. Going back home was another 1/2 hour but it was a great experiencing the blizzard of 2010 with the family.

    -Luis Espinoza, Elmhurst, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Tanya Mill  /  UGC

    Avenue J in Brooklyn.

    -Tanya Mill

  • Submitted by Chris Almonte  /  UGC
    Just park it anywhere!
    Submitted by Chris Almonte  /  UGC
    I didn't literally mean drop me off on the corner!

    The car abandoned in the middle of the street means plows couldn't clear this street in the East Village of NYC on Monday.

    There are abandoned buses everywhere in NYC. This one slid off the road and onto the sidewalk. The East Village is a bus graveyard, with abandoned buses everywhere.

    -Chris Almonte, New York, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Rosario Hooker  /  UGC

    There is so much snow here that the town has decided to use the garbage trucks to remove the snow from the streets.

    -Rosario Hooker, West Haverstraw, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Linda Guido  /  UGC
    Digging out the cars

    -Linda Guido, Brick, N.J.

  • Submitted by Roehl Bugash  /  UGC

    Jersey City, this Monday morning on the way to work...

    -Roehl Bugash, Jersey City, N.J.

  • Submitted by Jorge Rodriguez  /  UGC

    At least 10 buses and cars were stuck in the snow on Kings Hwy and 24th St. in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    -Jorge Rodriguez, Bridgeport, Conn.

  • Submitted by Aranya Ghatak  /  UGC

    A bus stranded in front of Elaine's around noon on Monday.

    -Aranya Ghatak, N.Y.

  • Submitted by S Ackerman  /  UGC

    Side streets of the Lower East Side on Monday.

    -S. Ackerman, New York, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Dennis Migardos  /  UGC

    7 a.m. on the NYC George Washington Bridge.

    -Dennis Migardos, N.J.

  • Submitted by Oksana Suyun  /  UGC

    My car stuck in the middle of the street overnight.

    -Oksana Suyun

  • Submitted by Penny Crockett  /  UGC

    Clearing out one foot of snow in our driveway during the blizzard on Dec. 27 in Hope, Maine. My husband, Charlie, was glad to have this "cab" attached to his snowblower so he could clear the driveway and have some protection from the blowing snow and wind.

    -Penny Crockett, Hope, Maine

  • Submitted by Richard Grezner  /  UGC
    Cool Snow cone
    Submitted by Richard Grezner  /  UGC
    Deep Freeze on the jersey shore

    These pictures say it all. It is cool the way the cone of snow formed on the dec across the street. At least two feet of snow in Neptune, N.J.  One heck of a blizzard.

    -Richard Grezner, Neptune, N.J.

  • Submitted by Nancy Rosborough  /  UGC

    Upside down garbage truck on 85-S just south of Durham, N.C.

    -Nancy Rosborough, Burlington, N.C.

  • Submitted by Thorsten Foerster  /  UGC

    Conover Street at the corner of Coffey Street looking towards the water in Brooklyn at 10:30 a.m. Monday.

    -Thorsten Foerster, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Jay Geldziler  /  UGC

    This driver has his work cut out for him.

    -Jay Geldziler, Union City, N.J.

  • Submitted by Tracie Reid  /  UGC

    Every time it snows my dog Omega loves to go run and jump through it. This morning I went to let him out but he just stared at me like are you crazy? I am not going out there. So I threw him in the snow Figuring like any other time it snowed he would just dig through or jump and run through it. I was So wrong! He tried to jump but couldn't he then began to start barking for help! All I could say was oops! my sister had to get dressed and wade through the snow to get him! I guess it was a little to deep this time!

    -Tracie Reid, Fishkill, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Allison Chambliss  /  UGC

    Frozen Lynnhaven Bay in Virginia Beach, Va, on 12/26/2010.

    -Allison Chambliss, Virginia Beach, Va.

  • Submitted by Robert Hilliard  /  UGC
    Can't even get the snow plows in yet!

    The snow became serious at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. From all accounts, Union County, N.J., was one of the hardest hit on the East Coast. It's hard to measure, but it appears that we got between 20-24" of direct showfall, with 8-10 foot drifts. Still blowing, but the sky is clear blue right now at 2:15 p.m., Monday.

    -Robert Hilliard, Roselle Park, N.J.

  • Submitted by Benjamin Szymanski  /  UGC

    Upper East Side Manhattan at 8:45 a.m. Monday. 79th St. between East End Ave. and York Ave. This bus has been sitting in the road since last night.

    -Benjamin Syzmanski, New York, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Michelle Russell  /  UGC

    W 11th Street, Manhattan.

    -Michelle Russell, New York, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Sheldene Alleyne  /  UGC
    Blizzard Blast in Brooklyn stops MTA in their tracks

    It is a no go in Brooklyn. Cars left abandoned in the middle of the streets from last night. Busses stuck. I even saw a sanitation truck stuck in the drift.

    -Sheldene Alleyne, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Jane Gannon  /  UGC
    Manhattan Train Station Dec 27, 2010

    This is a picture my son took on his way to work today.

    -Jane Gannon, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Cliff Korradi  /  UGC

    Roof drifts on Apple Lane.

    -Cliff Korradi, Whiting, N.J.

  • Piling up in the yard

    Submitted by Brian Evans  /  UGC

    The snow was not so bad, it was the drifts that made it bad!

    -Brian Evans, Nyack, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Milos Chorvat  /  UGC

    The view in Astoria, N.Y.

    -Milos Chorvat, Astoria, N.Y.

  • Piling up in the yard

    Submitted by Amanda Belfiore  /  UGC

    Front of the house around 12:30 in the afternoon.

    -Amanda Belfiore, Staten Island, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Holly Ruck  /  UGC
    5th Avenue, looking south, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

    Taken this morning in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, N/Y. I took them between 9:00 and 9:30. View of 5th Avenue near 3rd and 4th Streets.

    -Holly Ruck, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Sandra Delzotti  /  UGC

    A blowy, snowy day in New Brighton, Staten Island, taken from the front door.

    -Sandra Delzotti, Staten Island, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Larry Douglas  /  UGC

    RFK Bridge, New York City, on Monday at 4 p.m.

    -Larry Douglas, Astoria, N.Y.

  • Submitted by PJ Wolkenstein  /  UGC

    Markus Wolkenstein, aged 10, showing off the igloo he helped build.

    -PJ Wolkenstein, Mountain Lakes, N.J.

  • Submitted by Kathy McClain  /  UGC

    Our neighbors' tree that has been there for 50 years, blew onto our carriage house aka "garage" (our house was built in 1900). It happened around 10:45 p.m.

    -Kathy McClain, New London, Conn.

  • Submitted by Patrick Cox  /  UGC
    The morning after down the block

    My wife and I live in the Bronx and it's a good thing we did our shopping yesterday because it looks like we're not going anywhere today.

    -Patrick Cox, Bronx, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Bob Bruno  /  UGC

    Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills, facing east, at 8 a.m. on Monday.

    -Bob Bruno, Forest Hills, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Navin Hardyal  /  UGC
    Snow at the Back Door

    Snow at the back door.

    -Navin Hardyal, Bronx, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Brian Chin  /  UGC

    A snowbank in front of my neighbors. It's about 10-12 feet tall. Taken at 1 p.m. on Monday.

    -Brian Chin, Monmouth Beach, N.J.

  • Submitted by Lisa Hughes  /  UGC
    Feeling defeated

    Totally amazing, drifts 3 feet or more. Enjoying this snowday with the family.

    -Lisa Hughes, Oakhurst, N.J.

  • Submitted by Ryan White  /  UGC

    The snow has stopped here in central N.J., but the winds continue to blow the snow around from the NW. Drifts go 2/3rds up our doors. Will have to jump out into it and begin digging out.

    -Ryan White, N.J.

  • Submitted by Patricia Azurak  /  UGC

    The storm is packing walloping winds, which have been howling since yesterday 12/26/2010. I haven't seen or heard a snow plow since yesterday. I live on the water. I cannot see out my front windows of the house due to the drifts. Some of the drifts are over 5 feet high.

    -Patricia Azurak, Toms River, N.J.

  • Submitted by Mady Bernard  /  UGC

    This picture was taken this morning at about 8 a.m. from inside my den, looking out on the backyard.

    -Mady Bernard, Merrick, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Bernadette Conroy  /  UGC
    Ken Conroy's Snow Drift on Staten Island

    11 a.m. Monday, 12/27, snow drift on the north shore of Staten Island in the town of West Brighton. The sun is out but it is freezing and wind is still blowing; neighbors are coming out to shovel and use snow blowers. No plows since 7pm last night, though! 

    This is my husband, Ken Conroy, standing in a drift in front of our house, nearly up to his shoulders; he's 5'8"!

    -Bernadette Conroy, Staten Island, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Julie Chase  /  UGC

    No plows in Belleville, N.J.

    -Julie Chase, Belleville, N.J.

  • Submitted by Janet Ainsworth  /  UGC
    Fat chance of getting up that driveway!

    Photo taken in North Guilford, Conn. Town got about 8 inches; winds still blowing.

    -Janet Ainsworth, Guilford, Conn.

  • Submitted by Karen Shelton  /  UGC
    Neigbhor's car nearly covered and not a snow plow in sight.

    We are being told to stay inside, not move our cars, and not to shovel snow into the street. They are trying to scoop and dump the snow into the bay and ocean because it's already too deep to plow it to the sides of the street. It's crazy on the coast of NJ!

    -Karen Shelton, Belmar, N.J.

  • Submitted by Mario Avelar  /  UGC

    Climbing "Mt. Everest".

    -Mario Avelar, Ridgewood, N.Y.

  • Submitted by Safraz K  /  UGC

    NYPD patrol car stuck in the snow.

    -K. Safraz

  • Piling up in the yard

    Submitted by Lori Westerhold  /  UGC

    My husband John on our deck sent.

    -Lori Westerhold, Madison, N.J.

  • Piling up in the yard

    Submitted by John Steele  /  UGC

    It started snowing yesterday morning and snowed until around 11 p.m. These shots were taken at 11 a.m. this morning.

    -John Steele, Hudson, N.C.

  • Down the driveway

    Submitted by Tavis Curry  /  UGC

    A picture I took looking to the road/church at our house from the driveway. The time was about 11:30 a.m. on December 26, 2010.

    -Tavis Curry, Lexington, N.C.

  • 'A true wonderland!'

    Submitted by Glen McClure  /  UGC
    This is the scene from my back porch here in Virginia. A true wonderland!

    -Glen McClure, Norfolk, Virginia

  • Whiteout conditions?

    Submitted by Chris Marsh  /  UGC

    -Chris Marsh, Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Santa would feel right at home

    Submitted by Michele Walfred  /  UGC

    Santa may have left from taking orders at Rehoboth Beach's boardwalk, but if he had remained he might have thought he was still at the North Pole!

    -Michele Walfred, Lewes, Delaware

  • 'Blizzard 2010!'

    Submitted by Don Teague  /  UGC
    Blizzard 2010!

    Shot through my window in southeastern Massachusetts at 4 p.m. on December 26. About 4" of heavy, wet, sticky snow on the ground already.

    -Don Teague, Hanson, Mass.

  • More than a dusting in Raleigh

    Submitted by Jane O'Connor  /  UGC
    Submitted by Jane O'Connor  /  UGC

    I took these pictures around my yard on December 26th, 2010. This is the Wood Valley neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina. We had about 5 - 6 inches of snow.

    -Jane O'Connor, Raleigh, N.C.


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