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Video: School records detail Loughner's decline

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    >>> there is new information tonight about the alleged shooter, jared loughner. from the community college he attended where some of the people he encountered came away believing he was seriously unstable and where he was finally asked to leave. our own mike taibbi joins us from that safeway in tucson , the scene of the shooting on saturday. mike, good evening.

    >> reporter: good evening, brian. how are you? first, a new development in the case. police here in tucson say a man walking his dog this morning found a black bag containing 9 millimeter ammunition, believed to be the same bag that randy loughner described his son carrying the morning of the shootings. in the meantime, officials at pima community college spoke exclusively with nbc news about their former student. from pima community college , more than 50 pages of records covering four major incidents in the past year involving jared loughner, including seven separate contacts with campus police . the incidents include complaints by classmates about how creepy loughner was, saying things like why don't we just strap bombs to babies? and fears that confrontations initiated by loughner might become physical. no surprise to classmate alex catonious.

    >> i was scared myself. i mean, he just had this aura that was creepy and unpredictable.

    >> reporter: school records show loughner was warned several times about his disruptive behavior. teachers, classmates and police noticed his confused look and bizarre talk. some thought he was on drugs. early last september, campus police said there might be a mental health concern. then came a youtube posting that started, this is jared from pima college , my genocide school where i'm going homeless because of this school. and i haven't forgotten the teacher who give me a "b." that triggered a police visit to the loughner home and immediate suspension.

    >> and at that meeting, both the mother and father were present. what they understood and didn't understand, you know, i really can't answer.

    >> reporter: the campus police chief stella bay says without a specific threat aimed at anyone by loughner, the college did what it was allowed to do.

    >> absolutely. we followed all of our processes and policies, absolutely.

    >> reporter: also today, the cleanup at the crime scene has been completed. businesses reopened, and at least some sense of normalcy here has returned. there have also been some visitors to the loughner home who have tried unsuccessfully to talk to the suspect's parents. a couple of clergymen and even eric fuller, one of the shooting victims.

    >> i thould i would come over here and try to forgive them. i know that sounds crazy.

    >> reporter: loughner's aunt, mary mitchell, thinks that the accused parents also deserve forgiveness or at least compassion. she said they have to live with this the rest of their lives. brian?

    >> mike taibbi part of our team in tucson tonight. mike, thanks for that.


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