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Video: Calls for tighter fire arm restrictions increase

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    >> gun control advocates are expressing noticeable disappoint because the president failed to speak out about the right to bear firearms. mark morial is ceo of the national urban league and joins us now. great to see you. let's talk about gun control and a lot of people praising the speech. it was i think a real crossroads, defining moment for this president and the nation . the question is, what about gun control ?

    >> i think the president's speech and the statements of many leaders and elected officials have been right on point. we have got to be concerned about too prematurely opening up discussions that are going to further divide and charge the discourse in this nation . and i do think that there's a time and a place and a necessity to have a discussion about gun laws and particularly the assault weapon ban at some point ght now what i'm most concerned about is changing the conversation and changing the discourse. i went back and took a look. from 1963 to 1981 , from the death of med ger evers to the assassination attempt of president reagan . five attempts that did not lead to death and five that did lead to death in this nation of elected officials and prominent american spokes persons. we have to be absolutely concerned that changing the conversation and changing the tone and healing in this nation is first. with respect to gun control , there is no doubt that the assault weapon ban and the repeal of the assault weapon ban was probably a mistake for the nation . but i don't want to encourage us to prematurely begin a discussion of all of these issues until we set the right tone in this nation about the tough issues which confront us today, which are about the economy and jobs, about the rising poverty rate, the problems with the federal debt , and all of things that we face in this nation in the 21st century in 2011 .

    >> all right, mark morial, thanks very much. i apologize if you had difficulty with your ear piece. we want to thank you for joining us and this conversation will continue.

    >> absolutely.

    >>> coming up next, who was

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