Video: Iran’s lead negotiator: We’re not interested in nukes

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    >>> in iraq today two american soldiers were killed and a third wounded when an iraqi soldier opened fire on them during training in the northern city of mosul. separately the military said another u.s. soldier was killed while conducting operations in central iraq .

    >>> iran and its disputed nuclear program will be the center of a new round of talks next week between that country and six world powers including the united states . those talks will be held in istanbul, turkey.

    >>> iran was playing its own version of nuclear show and tell today. nbc's richard engel is in tehran tonight.

    >> reporter: in an attempt to show openness ahead of nuclear talks in istanbul, iran is giving tours of two of its controversial nuclear sites to several foreign ambassadors. the united states has dismissed these tours as a public relations stunt. iran also gave nbc news a rare interview with its chief nuclear negotiator. i med saeed jalili , chief nuclear negotiator, in his office in iran . we set for an hour. no questions were off limits. his main message, iran wants to open a new page with the american people .

    >> translator: we believe it is necessary that the people of the united states should look at the different issues from different angles.

    >> jalili did not rule out direct talks with the united states but insists economic sanctions are not driving iran to negotiations.

    >> translator: iran never withdraw from negotiations. truth of the matter is we have always invited them to return to the talks.

    >> reporter: in some of the clearest statements yet by a senior iranian official he denied they plan to build a nuclear weapon . can you say clearly iran is not and will not build a nuclear weapon .

    >> translator: yes, we have bluntly and factually announced we consider nuclear weapons illegitimate and could not work.

    >> reporter: iran's nuclear program has also been attacked by covert actions. this is the first time in detail iran has discussed the sabotage of its computers. you believe that it was the united states that was responsible for the cyber attack ?

    >> translator: i have witnessed some documents and proof that they show satisfaction in that.

    >> reporter: there were statements jalili would not answer directly. he wouldn't say how much uranium it plans to enrich. nonetheless this is an iranian charm offensive ahead of talks in turkey next week. this is unusual, lester. iran is certainly trying to reach out. but what is unclear if this is just posturing or if iran is now seriously ready to engage in negotiations on its nuclear program . lester.

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