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    >>> we're back now with the case of a missing honor student in baltimore . she vanished three weeks ago while visiting relatives. police are frustrated in part because it's not getting more attention, and not getting the kind of attention that some other disappearances get. our story tonight from our justice correspondent pete williams .

    >> reporter: nearly 100 police and federal agents joined in the search hoping to discover what happened to felicia barnes a high school honor student from north carolina . she disappeared three days after christmas while visiting a relative in baltimore . since then, no chase. no use of her cell phone, credit cards and no updates to her facebook page.

    >> we all have faith that you're going to bring her home real soon, lord.

    >> reporter: on september 28th , she left her half sister 's apartment to run some errands but never came back. since then, police have scoured the neighborhood, area park and nearby ponds. leaflets have been circulated door to door and her picture has been flashed on electronic billboards along i-95.

    >> where is phylicia barnes?

    >> reporter: her picture has been on "the today show" and cnn. the baltimore spokesperson thinks this case may have received more national attention if the victim had been white.

    >> it's not my position, i don't know what goes into these decisions, but this is baltimore 's natalee holloway case.

    >> i told her how sad i was because all of the children were gone and that next year they were not going to be able to go because i was lonely without them. she said, mommy i miss you too.

    >> reporter: as her friends post tributes on youtube. baltimore police hope a $10,000 reward will help solve the mystery.

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