Explainer: Skip the gym: 10 gadgets for getting fit at work

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    It's January, and that means people will flock to their local gyms in an effort to make good on their New Year's resolution to get back in shape. Of course, those dreams are usually dead by March because motivation wanes and the responsibility of work and family can often get in the way.

    Perhaps multitasking is the answer — combining your work and your workouts. Truth be told, you can get a great workout just about anywhere with minimal equipment, but infomercials have proven that beginners love their workout gadgets, and we have 10 right here that can help you get in shape at the office.

  • Dumbbell Alarm Clock

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    Start your workout from the instant you wake up with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock. When the alarm sounds at 6 a.m., you'll have to do 30 reps before it will stop. Use your rage and groggy frustration to draw on strength you didn't even know you had. Soon, your arms will be strong enough to hurl it out of the window with ease. $16.49 — Lightinthebox

  • Tato commuter bike

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    Instead of driving or taking public transit to work, get your cardio in by riding a bike. The Tato bike even has the added convenience of a cage that snugly fits many briefcases or laptop bags in the center of the frame. You could even add on one of these Travel Trac Book Caddies to get work done while you ride. Actually, on second thought, you might want to skip the book caddy if you are concerned about staying alive. $1,500 — Tato via CubicleBot

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  • Withings Wi-Fi scale

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    When you arrive at the office, the first thing you should do is analyze your progress by consulting the data collected by the Withings Wi-Fi Scale. When you weigh yourself at home on the handsome glass and aluminum scale, it automatically beams your weight and body fat analysis to own your private stats page on the internet via Wi-Fi. Now you can review the data breakdown on a work computer or an iPhone at your convenience. Just don't leave the page up on your computer for your co-workers to see. You should be extra careful with your iPhone, too. I mean, losing data is one thing — but you never want strangers and cellphone thieves knowing how fat you are. $164.99 — ThinkGeek

  • GymGym chair

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    The GymGym chair doesn't look too far removed from popular Herman Miller style office chairs (or some sort of torture device), but it provides a complete workout in addition to an ergonomic design. Resistance bands positioned in several areas on the chair provide a full range of exercises for the arms, back, shoulders, legs and core. So, yeah — I guess you could say it is a torture device. $599 — GymGym via CubicleBot

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  • Champ sofa

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    This piece of concept furniture from designer Tobias Fraenzel would be an excellent addition to the decor of an executive's office. By lifting up the red cushion in the back and fixing it into position, you transform the Champ sofa into a punching bag. It would be a great workout, not to mention great for relieving stress, but explaining why your clients have a footprint on their back when they leave the office might be problematic. Price not available — Tobias Fraenzel

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  • Balance ball chair

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    If the GymGym chair is a bit too much but you would still prefer a seating solution that provides health benefits, the Gaiam balance ball chair just might do the trick. By sitting and balancing yourself on the stability ball seat, you can improve core strength and posture. Then again, you could just pick up one of those hopper balls we all used as children and use it to bounce around the office. What employee wouldn't respect a boss riding a smiley face hopper ball at work? $71.99 — Amazon via Nerd Approved

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  • Springflex UB

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    According to the product page, attaching the Springfield UBE resistance arms to your desk allows you to perform up to 120 exercises just about anywhere. I 'm not sure about all that, but I'm pretty confident that it's not a good idea to go shirtless with short shorts in the office. $89.95 — Skytel

  • Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper

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    The Gamercize PC-Sport works like a little elliptical machine that you place under your desk, only it will hijack your mouse and keyboard when hooked up to a PC or laptop if it detects you are slowing down to unacceptable levels. In other words, you need to keep moving to stay productive. Additional software can be included to help you keep track of your workouts, but I suspect you'll know that your endurance is improving when you start getting your work in on time. $187 — Gamercize

  • Hand Fitness Trainer

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    If you suffer from arthritis or repetitive-motion injuries as a result of your job, the Hand Fitness Trainer might be of help. It slips on like a glove and provides resistance when you open your hand — strengthening the extensor muscles in your hands, wrists and elbows, which is said to reduce the symptoms associated with maladies such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and tendinitis. Plus, you can freak people out when you try and give them a high-five. $39.95 — Hammacher Schlemmer

  • Walkstation

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    Chances are you've heard several reports throughout the years that discuss the health risks associated with sitting down for long periods. One way to combat that problem and get some exercise in the process is to use a Walkstation. Basically, the Walkstation is a walking speed treadmill that's integrated into a desk — allowing you to work and keep your body moving at the same time. Like a traditional treadmill, it also shows your progress on a console with the distance traveled, time, speed and calories burned. However, I'm not sure if this is appropriate for a suit-and-tie kind of office. It would look weird, for one thing, you might sweat and, most importantly, if you fell and got your tie caught in the belt the results could be disastrous. On the flipside, it could be hilarious for anyone in the office with a cellphone camera. $4,199 — Steelcase

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