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    >> the country, this is shaping up to be the winter of our discontent . our tough winter is getting tougher this weekend for millions of us with an arctic chill grabbing hold of the snow fatigued northeast. temperatures have already fallen below 0 in parts of upper new england. we could see single digit lows by monday here in new york. but already tonight, a lot of americans in the midwest, south and east are suffering under below-average temperatures and in some cases dangerous conditions. here in the city we get our report from the ice tonight with nbc's jeff rossen on the rink. talk about adding insult to injury.

    >> reporter: no question about that. good evening to you. you asked me to find the coldest place in the city tonight. we have brave souls the skaters who won't let the cold keep them inside. we were talking to a lot of people today . if this is a joke, we are not laughing. five snow storms so far and now we can't walk outside outside without

    >> you okay?

    >> that tractor trailer skidded on the slush, crashed through the median and broke apart landing in oncoming traffic. no one was hurt.

    >> i literally just missed part of the truck and luckily i missed it just in time.

    >> in new jersey.

    >> jets, jets, jets!

    >> reporter: fans rallied for the big game tomorrow. proving loyalty trumps comfort. with dangerous windchills in the single digits.

    >> toes are numb.

    >> 5:30 we left the house, it is freezing. but it is worth it.

    >> this blanket of cold air, is smothering 32 states this weekend. the coldest spots today, minnesota 33 below 0. grand forks , north dakota 25 below. new york 11 below and letreux, pennsylvania 4 below and diving.

    >> the cold air will be here today, tomorrow and peak in the northeast with the most extreme cold being felt there on monday.

    >> reporter: how cold is it? a viewer in minnesota tweeted this home video.

    >> it is so cold outside that the cup of water instantly froze.

    >> reporter: in illinois today, a deadly accident on icy roads, two people were killed when this truck hit a school bus carrying a girl's basketball team . 15 girls sent to the hospital but expected to recover. reminding us how dangerous this weather can be. this is by far the coldest air of the season so far. here in the northeast and really across the entire country, no relief in sight. cold again tomorrow and as we were recovering, they are calling for another major snow storm in the east. mid week.

    >> just what we need. thank

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