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Video: With eye on 2012, Obama targets economic growth

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    >> getting americans back to work will be the center of president obama 's state of the union message tuesday night. mike vicara is at the white house for us mike?

    >> reporter: almost 15 million americans are looking for work. but the economy is slowly recovery. as the president prepares to address the nation on tuesday night, in a prestate of the union message to supporters, the president left no doubt about the theme of tuesday's address.

    >> my number one focus, is going to be making sure that we are competitive and that we are growing and creating jobs not just now but well into the future.

    >> that focus is evident in nearly every recent public appearance by the president with new emphasis on competing on market as broad and giving a jolt to a slow economy.

    >> the next two years, our job now is putting our economy into over drive.

    >> after attacking business for much of the last year, mr. obama is trying to mend fences. his new chief of staff is a former commerce secretary with close tie to wall street . i named jeff immelt to the staff. for the gop that would include the new health care law . today republicans vowed to move ahead with repeal. creating a more favorable economic climate would boost growth but also his standing with voter.

    >> we started seeing a week or so after the election, the president moving, reaching out, compromi compromising, and the proof is in the polls.

    >> the president is already laying the ground work for a 2012 run for re-election where economic growth or lack of it could mean everything.

    >> if we continue with month after month after month where we are at 10% unemployment and in a four-year down period the president is in serious jeopardy.

    >> reporter: the president says he is going to take to boost the economy. he told supporters today he will be talking about deficits and debt on tuesday night.

    >> nbc's mike vicara at the white house , thank you. tomorrow david gregory 's guest will be eric cantor of jovirginia.


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