Explainer: How readers are coping with the snow

  • Scroll down to see how msnbc.com readers are coping with the recent snow, and click here to send images from your neck of the woods.

  • Submitted by John Allen

    I saw this through my windshield as I parked my car in Cambridge, MA. If you look carefully, those are handlebars in the snowbank. Regarding this winter so far, I think this shot really says it all. (Sadly, I've seen a few of these around the city.)

    -- Submitted by John Allen

  • Submitted by Nick Elgar

    West 70th Street between Amsterdam and West End Avenues, Manhattan.

    -- Submitted by Nick Elgar

  • Submitted by Leah Carr  /  UGC

    This taxi got stuck on Morton Street between the West Side Highway and Washington Street in Manhattan about 4am! He's still there as of 7:30 a.m.

    --Submitted by Leah Carr

  • Submitted by Matthew Mahlstedt  /  UGC
    Submitted by Matthew Mahlstedt  /  UGC

    These photographs were taken on the 4300 block of Falls Rd in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore and show a city bus' struggle in the snow storm. (The downed light pole was hit by the bus.)

    --Submitted by Matthew Mahlstedt

  • Submitted by Aaliyah J.

    I live in the south ward of Newark, N.J., and the snow has been relentless. This is Maple Ave at the border of Newark and Hillside.

    --Submitted by Aaliyah J.

  • Submitted by Kelly Matuszewski  /  UGC
    Snowy sunrise

    Linden, N.J., 18.9 inches.

    --Submitted by Kelly Matuszewski

  • Submitted by Nayoma Norhager  /  UGC

    My snow man and his home (Staten Island, N.Y.).

    --Submitted by Nayoma Norhager

  • Submitted by Sarah Bryce  /  UGC

    Winnie, our Goldendoodle, is enjoying the snow as much as our children in Bear, Delaware.

    --Submitted by Sarah Bryce


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