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    >>> there's another winter storm headed for the midwest and northeast and it is expected to impact 29 states. in fact, united airlines has already waived its change fees for passengers scheduled to fly in and out of chicago o'hare from tuesday to thursday. the weather channel 's adam berg has the latest for us. good evening, adam . say it ain't so.

    >> reporter: good evening, kate, i wish i could say it ain't so, this is yet another system and a lot of folks here at the weather channel , national weather service , calling this one here maybe one of the more significant systems of the season and we are already so sick and tired of t let's get to the maps and show everybody exactly how this is going to play out. we go into monday, denver, kansas city , st. louis, chicago, all feeling the impacts here. and as we go monday and into tuesday that area of low pressure will kick out of the four corners region and we could be looking at some significant icing, gang, anywhere from st. louis all the way through indianapolis over toward columbus who hospital. some areas maybe half-inch to an inch of ice coating some of these areas. and then we follow this right into wednesday across the northeast, mid-atlantic. look at some of the snow totals already across this region. new york city , for instance, averaging about 22 inches for the entire season, already here, almost look like the times that amount and here comes more. we are tired of it.

    >> we are. thank you, adam .

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