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  Give a creative holiday gift of DIY cosmetics

Natalie re-gifts Al’s homemade bath salts

  The TODAY anchors chat about how they cut corners to fit everything in during the holiday hustle and bustle, and Natalie shares the best way to re-gift a present, even if it is from her friend Al Roker.

‘They’re incredibly dangerous’

  With names like "Spice," and smiley-faces on the wrapper, they may sound and look harmless, but they're not. Synthetic drugs including so called bath salts were the target of a nationwide sting by the DEA.

Many drugs remain legal after "bath salts" ban

Over the past two years, the U.S. has seen a surge in the use of synthetic drugs made of legal chemicals that mimic the dangerous effects of cocaine, amphetamines and other illegal stimulants. Full story

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