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    >>> roads into ice rinks just in time for rush hour. temperatures may dip by as much as 10 degrees in boston where over a foot of snow is expected to fall by day's end. that flash freeze could happen within the next hour and spell trouble for those planning to attend sunday's super bowl are facing flight cancellations. roads are solid ice. a transit shutdown and rolling power outages are affecting people. how will all of this possibly affect the big game itself? janet shamlian is live in arlington, texas. a few people behind you. i'm very familiar with the ice in my home state. that's my little city that i'm from not too far from there. the teams are there. the game will be played. it's a matter of how many people will be in the stands.

    >> you know what? you're absolutely right about that. it the normal temperature for right now is 58 degrees. right now it's 16 degrees. windchill is 5 degrees. you can see the ice rink behind me. that exists all over the dallas metro area as they're dealing with the aftermath of this storm. as you said, rolling power outages all over the city, all over the state of texas right now. there's so much demand on the grid. you talked about travel. yeah, this stadium behind me seats about 100,000 people. most of them are flying in or trying to fly in over the next 48 hours . the cold temperatures aren't going anywhere. that's hard to get rid of the ice. love field today canceled hundreds of flights. dfw is doing a little bit better. but if you have tickets and planning to be here, you might not get here till very close to gametime.

    >> it is stunning to see and it's about 1:38 local time there, so you have the few people who may have had to go to work are going to start to try to drive along the interstate.

    >> no one's going to work today. no one is working.

    >> i have to say something about my mom. she was unaware of the roing blackouts till she wondered why her home was getting so cold. she had no power. i hope my mom is warm in texas right now. thank

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