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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has obtained a temporary restraining order against a California man accused of stalking him, his girlfriend and his sister.

A judge on Feb. 1 ordered 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda to stay away from Zuckerberg and stop contacting him.

Manukonda tried to contact Zuckerberg numerous times in December via letter, e-mail and Facebook, including more than 20 times in one day, Facebook security officer Todd Sheets said in a court declaration. Manukonda also left a note on Zuckerberg's car and was later spotted outside his house, Sheets said.

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Guards stopped Manukonda just as he was about to walk up the front stairs to Zuckerberg's residence, where Zuckerberg's girlfriend was inside, according to court documents.

Sheets said he contacted police at the time and that an officer gave Manukonda a verbal stay-away order. Two days later, Sheets says Manukonda sent Zuckerberg a letter at his home and flowers two days after that, despite an in-person interview with Sheets where he promised to stop.

Manukonda did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Barry Schnitt, a director at Facebook, told NBC News the report was accurate.

"We're confirming that the restraining order was granted, but not providing any additional details," he said.

In the letters included as evidence in the court file, Manukonda pleads with Zuckerberg for a few minutes of his time. Though his requests are vague, he appears to be seeking money to pay for medical treatment for his mother.

"I plead, please help me in saving my mother," he writes in a letter dated Jan. 23. "I am ready to die for you. Please Mark please."

Later in the same letter he writes: "I am waiting outside your house."

The order also requires Manukonda to stay away from Zuckerberg's girlfriend.

The restraining order was first reported by

Associated Press writers Marcus Wohlsen and Sudhin Thanawala in San Francisco contributed to this report.

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Video: Facebook’s Zuckerberg stalked online?

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    >> been granted a restraining order against a man who's stalked him online and at home. miguel almaguer has the story.

    >> reporter: he's the face of facebook but mark zuckerberg has one friend he never wanted. facebook confirms the creator of the social networking site has been granted a restraining order against the man pending a court hearing this month. as first reported by, he's a facebook subscriber who allegedly stalked zuckerberg on and off line. according to tmz, court papers say he tried to follow, surveil and contact mr. zuckerberg using language threatening his personal safety .

    >> the judge issued a restraining order telling him to stay at least 300 yards away.

    >> reporter: tmz reports the man sought out zuckerberg , the world's youngest billionaire, at facebook offices in palo alto looking for, quote, money for his financially strapped family. tmz said he wrote to zuckerberg , time is running out for me. i owe entire my life at your service. please help me. then i am ready to die for you. these are not just the words. these are coming from my heart. zuckerberg 's sister received incoherent messages. dear randi, please respond before it gets too late. i really need your help, my dear sister. police got involved after the man went to zuckerberg 's home. officers told him to leave the property and he was given a verbal warning. four days later the man wrote a bizarre letter to zuckerberg saying if i get a chance to work with you in the near future, it would be my honor. lighthouse is more powerful than churches. it suits you. the handwritten letter was reportedly sent with flowers.

    >> that's what gets scary. first he's going to the internet. then he goes to his place of business. then he tries to get into his house. you get a sense of an increase in frustration.

    >> reporter: nbc news contacted manukonda who confirmed the restraining order but declined comment. meanwhile, zuckerberg said, trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share, but apparently not like this. miguel alma gur, nbc news, los angeles .

    >> it is 7:16. here's matt.


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