Video: Excuse me, has ‘polite robber’ been nabbed?

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    >>> arrest fwin the so-called polite robber case.

    >> i really am sorry to have to do this, but i've got kids.

    >> the suspect gained national attention because of good manners as he robbed a store, even apologizing with his gun drawn. the 65-year-old suspect was arrested at home, not far from where the robbery took place. it is now 7:05. let's

updated 2/8/2011 10:43:43 AM ET 2011-02-08T15:43:43

Authorities have made an arrest in a weekend convenience store robbery that a Seattle store owner found remarkable for the robber's politeness.

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Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff's Office says officers quickly identified a suspect from tips received after surveillance video of Saturday's robbery "went viral."

The man is seen in the video telling White Center Shell station owner John Henry: "I'm robbing you, sir."

He takes $300, apologizing and saying he has bills to pay and children to feed. If he ever gets back on his feet, he tells Henry, he'll pay the money back.

Urquhart did not identify the 65-year-old man arrested Monday at a residence near the robbery site. The suspect has convictions for armed robbery and forgery.

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