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The father of a boy murdered in a Dubai mosque says the convicted killer has been put to death by a firing squad. It's the first execution in the United Arab Emirates in three years.

Mukhthiar Ahmed Khudabakhsh, the father of the 4-year-old victim, says the sentence was carried out on Thursday at a shooting range in Dubai.

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The boy's parents were among five family members present for the execution of Rashid Rabee al-Rashidi, a 30-year-old boat captain convicted of raping and killing the boy Moosa in a mosque bathroom in November 2009.

Before the execution, Khudabakhsh told The National newspaper that he and his wife would "be relieved when we see him executed for what he did to our child.

"Once I hear the gunfire, I will kneel on the ground and bow to God twice in prayer," he added.

Al-Rashidi had previously served jail time for molesting an eight-year-old boy, according to The National.

The UAE's last execution was in February 2008.

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