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Video: Italians angrily accuse Berlusconi of encouraging sexism

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    >>> it sounds awfully familiar, a day of protests calling for an entrenched leader to step down, only today, it wasn't egypt but italy where prime minister sylvia berlusconi faces anger over allegations regarding his private life . here's the latest. [ chanting ]

    >> reporter: one banner reads "resign and get your head checked." norman 100,000 women gather add cross italy , side-by-side, with husbands, boyfriends and sons. the protesters say sexism is corrupting italian society. they are fewer kbrous that their 74-year-old prime minister clings to power despite accusations of corruption, wild parties and of sex with an underage girl. it's time for him to go, this woman says. the protests follow claims he paid a girl for sex when she was 17 and asked police to help her when she was arrested for petty theft . the focus on his personal life slash add cross italy 's newspapers more than a public embarrassment. it has increasingly threatened his leadership and the prospect of prosecution. this week a judge is expected to say whether he should be put on trial. it's really a shame, he says. but photos and videos of young women alleged to be connected to italy 's leader have been plastered across italian television . he have nominated a show girl to be in parliament. they say women are promoted for their looks rather than their brains.

    >> he has corrupted the entire political establishment. will the women succeed in getting rid of him? i don't think so.

    >> reporter: a bill air he owns much of the media and has survived intense criticism before. not it's not just a sex scandal but angry accusations that he encourages sexism, from women who say it's time for him to go. nbc news, london.


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