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The Internet is abuzz with the video of a Los Angeles newscaster fumbling her way through a live broadcast following the Grammy Awards, and as with any hot topic, cyberscammers are right in tow.

Following Sunday’s (Feb. 13) Grammy awards airing, CBS KCAL-9 Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson appears in a brief on-air segment during which she appears almost incoherent, mispronouncing nearly every word she attempts and even making up a few of her own, including “burtation” and “derison.” Branson, whom experts had feared suffered an on-air stroke, was examined by paramedics immediately after the segment aired, the station reported.

One recording of the video, titled “Drunk News Anchor Serene Branson,” has been viewed more than 58,000 times on YouTube.

Like any viral video, this one got the attention of Facebook scammers, who are now using the strange video to gain unauthorized access to users’ accounts, the security firm Sophos reports.

The title of the scam video is called “Serene Branson Stroke Video During the Grammys,” and is being spread through rogue wall posts reading “Omg this reporter had a stroke on live tv check it out” followed by a link.

Security professionals urge Facebook users who come across this and other scams to avoid clicking suspicious links, and to be wary of divulging personal information.

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