Image: Snickers
This undated photo courtesy of Linda Preece and Heather Lombardi shows Lombardi's kitten named Snickers. Lombardi paid extra to make sure Snickers was taken off the plane quickly, but instead the kitty sat in the plane’s cargo hold for nearly an hour in 10 degree temperatures and died shortly thereafter.
updated 2/15/2011 5:44:50 PM ET 2011-02-15T22:44:50

The owner of a hairless kitten that died after being shipped in the cargo hold of a Delta flight says the airline is only offering to refund her air fare plus $50.

Snickers froze after flying to Connecticut from Utah last month. A door latch malfunctioned in 10-degree weather and it took nearly an hour to unload her.

Story: Owner: Kitten froze to death in plane's cargo hold

Heather Lombardi says Delta Air Lines Inc. initially told her she would get $2,900 for the cat and $290 for airfare, plus reimbursement for vet bills and even a freezer where she's keeping Snickers until the ground thaws.

Lombardi said Tuesday that Delta changed its offer to air fare plus 50 cents a pound, although there's a $50 minimum.

Delta spokesman Anthony L. Black describes the offer as a standard cargo reimbursement and says talks are ongoing.

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