U.S. Fertility Specialist Claims To Have Implanted Cloned Human Embryo
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Dr. Panos Zavos speaks during a press conference Jan. 17 in London. The fertility doctor told the media he implanted a cloned embryo into a 35-year-old woman's womb. On Wednesday he announced that the effort had failed.
updated 2/4/2004 5:58:17 PM ET 2004-02-04T22:58:17

A fertility doctor who claimed last month he had implanted a cloned embryo in a woman said Wednesday that no pregnancy resulted from the attempt.

Dr. Panayiotis Zavos said he will continue his efforts to produce cloned human embryos despite criticism from the scientific community.

“If we are not successful, we are going to try again and again and again until we get it,” Zavos said from his Lexington office.

Zavos announced on Jan. 17 in London that his team of researchers had taken an egg from a 35-year-old woman, replaced its nucleus with her husband’s genetic material and transferred the resulting embryo into her womb. He wouldn’t say where the procedure took place, nor did he provide any evidence.

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