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Tourists take photographs in front of London's Tower Bridge on Friday. The sinking dollar has scared some vistors to Britain and elsewhere in Europe this year.

Most of the respondents to this article were not tourists but Americans working abroad.  Though some blamed President Bush, most letters simply lamented the situation without laying blame. 

Re: Sticker shock for Americans in Europe

Name: Mike Piazza
Hometown: Harrogate, England

Sticker shock for Americans in Europe-
What a suprise that the dollar is sinking like a rock! Guess what...your reporter was only partially right about the reasons, yes it will probably stimulate the economy up to a point as more Americans will buy American cars and other things, however, do you remember those steel tariffs that the Europeans were all insensed about and which Bush was forced to withdraw?  Well you now have exactly the same effect except on a much wider number of items.  Instead of only applying to steel the weak dollar has effectively put the tariffs back on all European imports.  I can just hear Bush now, "We'll show them Europeans a thing or two...teach them to complain about our policies by God!"  What about us Americans working overseas in support of our Defense Department?  Thanks for nothing Mr President!

Name: Sam Metwaly
Hometown: Northport

I had the same shock, but hopefully this is a good policy for the exports to overseas.

Name: Richard C. Brown
Hometown: Eureka, California
I cannot fathom out why anyone going all the way to London would want to hang out at a TGIF. No doubt they also eat at Mcdonalds. Save your money and stay home!

Hometown: Tripoli, Iowa

Sticker shock For Americans in Europe.  When I was stationed in Great Britain in the late 70's, the exchange rate was $2.40 per British pound. The dollar didn't really go far back then.

Name: Tim Kent
Hometown: Vancouver

Re: Sticker shock for Americans in Europe.  Welcome to my life for the past 20 years...

Name: Tony Spratley
Hometown: Albuquerque

I am currently stationed in the United Kingdom.  I love the assignment, but the exchange rate is horrific!  It hard to enjoy the expirience when you go to a Chilli's in England and the menu prices are identical to the prices on the menus in U.S. Chilli's restaurants.  However, when you conduct the conversion, you are paying almost double what you would pay for a meal.  I do not enjoy paying almost $12.00 for a hamburger!

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