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Video: Noonan: Hunstman brings China expertise to table

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    >> he's in control, isn't he?

    >> yeah.

    >> i say that in that he seems very sure of himself. he can speak in complete sentences. one sentence relates to the previous sentence.

    >> there is that.

    >> he reeled together a very effective paragraph. these days in american politics , that ain't nothing.

    >> there's more that meets the eye there. i think he's going to burst on to the national scene. it's a matter of timing.

    >> yeah, you know, huntsman also made a bit of history in that clip by talking about foreign policy . no one has been doing this in this cycle among the republicans. speaking in a way that suggests oh, i may be breaking with the past.

    >> yeah.

    >> with regard to the wars we have going. that was really interesting.

    >> ezra , we have, in the media, tend to focus on the big, flashy stories, the candidates that grab attention whether the michele bachmann 's or sarah palin 's or donald trumps and the list goes on. yet you get a sense, "back of mormon" last night, the two mormons that keep their head down are benefiting from that in the end. this circus side show that's been going on with the republican party for so long.

    >> i think huntsman is going to have trouble breaking through that. hundred thing on huntsman, we have a tendency to focus on the last couple of years and couple of elections when we do this. in 2008 , you would think the next presidency would be about iraq. it was about a financial crisis . would have been nothing like we thought. there's something interesting about a candidate taking another path. oftentimes, it's closer to what they focus on than what they were concerned about in the campaign.

    >> huntsman is a smart guy . on that same show, john trashed huntsman saying it's not the fact he served in the obama administration, it's the way he fawned over him, supporting different policies, not just the ones with china. there are people in the party that are going to try to take him down based on his relationship with obama .

    >> they may do that or mitt romney had a health care plan strikingly similar to obamas. we have people that obsess over every policy detail. it all gets washed aside. it's a gut feeling. my dad, four years ago, when everybody said john mccain was done, we said this on the show. every time i would leave to come back to new york, he said you watch that john mccain ? he was 2% in the poll. my dad was a republican voter. a hard working guy, didn't watch news shows day in and day out. he knew mccain and liked mccain . if people like huntsman, they are not going to focus on that and if they like romney , they are not going to focus on health care in massachusetts .

    >> he will probably announce fairly soon. i think his headline will be china. his subhead will be speaks mandarin. so many people are speaking of china. he brings expertise on it. the charge it was too cozy with the administration, he was a diplomat. he was courteous.

    >> i think it's what makes obama vulnerable. i think this candidate has the tools in his tool chest to take on president obama unlike any other in the republican field.

    >> after two and a half years, after two and a half years, this seems counter intuitive, republicans behaving badly , calling the president a marxist, and a fascist. hurting the party and the brand in these swing states . what stronger position than to say, i like the guy. i worked with the guy in china.

    >> yeah.

    >> i think he's dead wrong on foreign policy , on health care . take it out of the personal and go to the american people and say, this isn't a personal thing. we need to go in a new direction.

    >> what you are talking is centric talk.

    >> one of the things is you will be away for two years. is he in touch with how deeply primal the republican base looks like it is?

    >> how deeply primal the republican base is. it's primal. once you start chugging and churning and get to florida and you go to the midwest, it gets very sen tryst, very fast. john mccain , you know, with every talk show host in america trashing john mccain day in and day out, trying to kill him because if he lost on january 29th in florida , mccain would be out and romney , the nominee. you had hannity, beck, laura ingram , fox, everybody dedicated that john mccain must die. he waltzed through florida and the midwest and to victory. it is primal early, but it gets sen tryst down the road. if you don't believe that, ask how john mccain and gerald ford and bob dole win nominations.

    >> let's listen to huntsman on the economy. he revealed he is a week and a half away from making an announcement about his decision to run. he's wasting no time to hit the president on his economic policies .

    >> on the economic side, there are no signs of success. very little. in politics you have two to two and a half years to get something done and move out in a positive direction. here we are.

    >> you think it's failed on the economic side?

    >> failed on the economic front.

    >> let's go from the republican side to the democratic side. "the new york times" front page talking about how the president is now seeking money from wall street , trying to be nice. what's going on there?

    >> he needs money. he got money from hedge funds and investment bankers . this is a group of very wealthy people. the bush administration was temperamentally different from them. then obviously, there's financial regulation and they didn't like him for awhile. when they began watching the republican field, they get a tingle in their spine. maybe they aren't the folks that hitch the wagon. the debt ceiling doesn't make us feel comfortable. it puts him in a tough bind. he's going to have to run against the banks. a lot of people think he did t.a.r.p. people blame obama . on the other hand, he has to get money from somewhere. wall street is one of the largest big pots of money folks on the left can appeal to.

    >> he cleaned up on wall street . so much. more money from wall street than ever before. there's always misconception, misperception, i think, nationally that wall street loves republicans. they don't.

    >> it's not true in my lifetime. there's a cultural disconnection. it's been southern, tx an.

    >> it's been main street .

    >> it has been but running from georgia to houston, texas.

    >> true. wall street is divided from this republican party . it's fascinating, where are they going to go this year?

    >> i think obama is in that delicate position in 2011 of going to the too big to fail guys. the guys in the hbo movie the other night and by and large are still there who are not the most admired human beings in america. wall street bankers. the heads of wall street companies. he's got to go where the money is and he's got to go make his appeal. the great question is, whether or not they are going to stiff him. how they feel about him now.

    >> what did he do that was so insulting besides call them a few names. tell me what financial reform did to turn it around.

    >> made them bigger. they hate their new high profits. it's a case that wall street is incredibly thin skinned. if you don't bow down before them and say it was really, really great all these things you did before and after wrecking the global and financial economy, they get very, very upset. wall street swung to the republicans in 2010 . boehner and canter are working very, very hard to keep it there. it created the unemployment of both parties vying for their support.

    >> i don't understand what's been done to change the situation? why wall street has been so hurt?

    >> because when you make the banks bigger after too big to fail, they are having to write out big bonuses.

    >> you're right.

    >> seriously, you get to the end of the year and write billions of bonuses.

    >> that's right.

    >> willie geist , let's go to, there's an advertisement that was brought to our attention last night. you and ezra both said off air that it's compelling.

    >> ezra thought it was compel compelling. an ad hitting president obama going above the rest of the republican field to hit president obama on the economy. watch this.

    >> there are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery .

    >> i'm an american, not a bump in the road.

    >> i'm an american, not a bump in the road.

    >> i'm an american, not a bump in the road.

    >>> ezra , you said it. if mitt romney can stay on that message, president obama is going to have a fight on his hands there.

    >> it looks like the morning of waking the dead . they are running the unemployment rate . romney gets that. it's powerful. romney is not in the mix. romney is attacking barack obama . what romney gets is if he can be the most effective attack dog , a lot will be forgiven.

    >> peggy, november 6, 2012 talks about the election, not the primary.

    >> romney is fighting for the nomination. you would think he would attack the guys to the right and left. he's not. he's saying this is between me and obama . this is how i'll do it. it fits in with what ezra says. it could be powerful. we'll see.

    >>> coming up. tom brokaw will be here. senator john barrasso joins us next. richard wolffe


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