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Video: No budging in Wisconsin budget battle

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    >>> back to this country and the budget standoff in wisconsin . that could be a preview of battles to come in other states that have to fix the gaping holes in their budgets. this morning as state union employees and their supporters once again took up the protest at their positions at the capitol, wisconsin 's governor said on msnbc he is not a union buster , he's a budget balancer. our own mike taibbi is in madison, wisconsin , for us.

    >> reporter: once again today the capitol rotunda was packed with pro-union protesters. some from out of state but most apparently from wisconsin , trying to force governor scott walker to compromise. several times today he said he won't.

    >> to get wisconsin working again, we've got to have a budget that's balanced.

    >> reporter: walker is telling the unions they'll have to pay more toward their pensions and health plans, about 8% of their take-home pay on average, and must surrender their collective bargaining power in all areas except wages in order to close the $3.6 billion budget gap. employee unions say they'll consider everything except the loss of bargaining power .

    >> collective bargaining is the bedrock of what a union is all about.

    >> reporter: on saturday, 70,000 protesters jammed the capitol. some anti-union demonstrators too, and the state's 14 democratic senators have left the state to deny a quorum for republicans to pass governor walker's bill.

    >> he's asking us to come back to debate something that's not negotiable.

    >> the deadline is friday and both sides remain unmoved.

    >> we've met the governor halfway. it's time for the governor to step up and do his responsibility as a leader of the state.

    >> reporter: this afternoon i heard one protest leader talk to supporters in the capitol rotunda . you better get used to the idea this bill will pass, the republicans simply have the votes. you know the republican governors in other beleaguered states are watching closely.

    >> mike taibbi up there in madison for us tonight. mike, thanks.


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