Image: Father and son shovel snow in Concord, N.H.
Jim Cole  /  AP
With the help of his son, Maurice Lavallee, left, clears his driveway as another storm drops several inches of snow Friday in Concord, N.H.
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updated 2/25/2011 11:59:06 PM ET 2011-02-26T04:59:06

Another severe storm walloped the East on Friday, delaying flights, closing scores of schools and causing cars to slide off roadways.

The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for much of upstate New York. Forecasters said areas outside Albany could get 12 to 16 inches. As much as 8 inches of snow fell in Albany by noon Friday.

In a suburb of Rochester, a 34-year-old woman died Friday afternoon after she was hit by a Pittsford plow truck backing up in a parking lot.

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A 30-mile stretch of the New York Thruway was closed by an accident south of Buffalo, and in Maine, dozens of cars were reported off the road.

Maine State Police said the most serious accident was in York, where a man was critically injured when his pickup truck overturned on the Maine Turnpike. The storm will drop between 4 and 14 inches of snow around Maine, with sleet and rain mixing in some coastal areas.

Flights out of New York's metropolitan-area airports were delayed by the rain and wind. Departures out of Newark Liberty International Airport flight were delayed an average of 3 ½ hours. LaGuardia Airport had departure delays averaging over 2 hours.

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At Philadelphia International Airport, high winds of more than 60 mph and stormy weather in other cities caused flight delays and cancellations. Arriving flights were experiencing up to 2-hour delays, and more than 100 flights were canceled.

Winds gusted to 30 mph in some areas along Lake Erie.

Most flights were canceled Friday morning in Cleveland, though a spokeswoman said Hopkins airport remained open. She said airlines were expected to decide after 1:30 p.m. whether to resume normal operations.

Dayton's airport shut down for about three hours Friday while slick runways were treated. Flights resumed just before 9:30 a.m.

A winter storm warning stretched across Ohio's northern third with potential for 8 inches of snow. The Cleveland, Toledo, Akron and Canton school districts called off Friday's classes. Zoos were closed in Toledo and Akron.

Story: 4 Amish children die when buggy flips in Ky. creek

Meanwhile, drenching rain in southern Ohio submerged some roads. The National Weather Service said the region could receive more than 2 inches of rain.

On Thursday, severe weather pummeled parts of the the nation's midsection and south.

In southwestern Kentucky, four Amish children were swept to their deaths Thursday night in a creek swollen by heavy rains as storms moved through.

At least six tornadoes touched down in the region — two each in Tennessee and Kentucky and one each in Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri, according to The Weather Channel.

Out west, a storm system moving into Northern California created the possibility that San Francisco could see its first significant snowfall in 35 years.

The near sea-level city last saw snow on the ground in 1976, when an inch fell. Weather forecasters say there's just a 10 percent chance that a drop in temperatures could combine with precipitation to create snow late Friday and early Saturday.

For snow to fall and accumulate in San Francisco, temperatures must drop to 36 degrees, precipitation must be falling and the ground must be chilled for several days beforehand, said Steve Anderson, also a National Weather Service forecaster.

But it rarely gets that cold in San Francisco, where the surrounding bay and Pacific Ocean generally keeps temperatures moderate.

The Associated Press and NBC News contributed to this story.

Video: Wild weather rips across the country

  1. Closed captioning of: Wild weather rips across the country

    >>> for more on the severe weather in kentucky and across the country let's bring in al roker from miami beach , florida, this morning. good morning to you.

    >> good morning. florida is one area of the country not experiencing rough weather. sunny sky, breezy in the 80s today. the system moved through causing big problems. in fact, late last night as it moved through missouri, parts of kentucky, the system was dropping rain, up to two to three inches per hour. that, of course, produced a lot of flooding. it also produced a lot of scary scenes for people in that part of the country.

    >> reporter: the dangerous weather system moved through parts of the south thursday night. the skies lighting up memphis when a squall line moved to the east bringing dangerous winds, thurnd and lightning, causing damage like this. a tree falling on a house. in tennessee there were downed power lines and trees. this woman had a storage shed blown into the side of her home.

    >> i was crying. i'm terrified of storms and tornadoes. so it really scared me.

    >> reporter: the high winds also damaged this granite shop.

    >> we come out here and this is what we find. doors blown away , granite broken all over. just a mess.

    >> reporter: tipping a truck on its side. missouri also saw heavy snowfall where authorities were forced to temporarily shut down i-35. out west, more snowfall in spokane, washington. the area digging out from a snowstorm that hit some places with as much as a foot of snow. in western oregon , snow-covered roads made driving dangerous.

    >> i lost traction, just started sliding and didn't stop until i was in the ditch.

    >> reporter: while in northern california a winter storm expected today is causing long lines in nevada city area grocery stores as residents stock up on supplies bracing for the potential of power outages.

    >> i have not seen one snowstorm that has not lost power.

    >> reporter: of course this system is making its way to the east and having a big effect. the winds will be a problem. we have high wind watches, warnings and advisories stretching all the way from louisiana up into the northeast causing big problems. we are also looking now at the radar. you will see the rain moving in. ahead of this system we'll be looking at rain. behind it, we are talking snow. from the ohio river valley to the northeast, a lot of snow. we are talking eight to ten inches of snow. upstate new york from syracuse, buffalo into new england. then into pennsylvania, new york, along the coast, about one to two inches of rain. so we are talking about big problems as far as your commute this morning and later this afternoon with wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour. back to you.


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