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Video: Thousands keep up the fight in snowy Wis.

  1. Closed captioning of: Thousands keep up the fight in snowy Wis.

    >>> we turn now to the uprising we have been following here at home in wisconsin. no let up in the protest of the governor's plan to cut the power of public unions in that state. it was just one of many rallies in the country.

    >> reporter: police with the crowd of more than 70,000 and no hint of a break in the stalemate of governor walker as a way of keeping the bill from becoming law.

    >> the crowds got bigger by the hour. many leaving the interior of the state house where they have been living for a week. by monday the sleeping bags and signs will be gone by order of the police. the focus of the crowd's rant here was the governor himself. he hasn't varied once from his insistence that restricting g ining bargaining rights is the only way to control the budget.

    >> federal employees have no collective bargaining and already half of the employees are non union .

    >> the drum beat was loudest in madison.

    >> here, it is only the absence of the 14 senate democrats that is delaying the inevitable vote to turn the governor's bill into law. these huge numbers are seen as potent weapons for the future.

    >> you know what, if you never voted before, i bet you will now.

    >> reporter: the next step could be a blast of real world consequences. the possible lay you'voffs as many as 1500 state workers who doesn't get his bill voted or passed by tuesday.

    >> coming up tomorrow on "meet the press," an exclusive interview with governor scott walter.


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