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A look at anti-government protests, political unrest and key developments in the Middle East and North Africa on Monday.

Foreign powers talk of imposing a "no-fly" zone or making other military moves against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, as rebels fight government forces trying to take back strategic coastal cities. Ghadafi says in an interview with ABC News he is can't step down because he is not a president or king. "My people love me. They would die for me," he says.

Egypt's top prosecutor seizes all the funds of ousted leader Hosni Mubarak and his family on and bans them from travel abroad. It comes a day after authorities prevented Mubarak's wife and son from flying out of the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Bahrainis campaigning for democratic reforms protest outside the U.S. ally's parliament building, demanding that all its members resign over protester deaths. Seven people were killed and hundreds wounded in protests earlier this month by Bahrainis mainly from the majority Shi'ite Muslim community who complain of repression by the Sunni monarchy and Sunni ruling elite.

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Protesters set a supermarket ablaze and rally at two places in a seaside town in a third consecutive day of unrest that has included deadly clashes in the strategic Gulf nation. Security forces seal off main roads to Sohar, about 120 miles northwest of the capital of Muscat, in an attempt to isolate the protesters and keep crowds from swelling.

Yemen's president offers to form a unity government with opponents who want him out of office — provided protests against him stop. President Ali Abdullah Saleh's offer is swiftly rejected by opposition figures. Saleh has come under mounting pressure in recent weeks to step down, with large daily rallies calling for his ouster. Key allies, including some tribal chiefs, have abandoned him.

Industry and Technology Minister Afif Chelbi resigns, a day after Mohamed Ghannouchi quit after 11 years as prime minister. Outside parliament, youths join large police patrols to help keep the peace in Tunisia's tense capital after a weekend of protests and clashes with riot police left at least six people dead.

Iraq's prime minister calls for new provincial elections following anti-government protests that kill 14 people last week in a demonstration of the simmering anger many Iraqis feel at a government they say fails to provide basic services. Nouri al-Maliki tells a news conference he would ask the parliament to pass a law allowing for the early elections for the councils that rule Iraq's 18 provinces.

Iran arrested two leading opposition figures, Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, ahead of a planned nationwide anti-government rally Tuesday, an opposition website says.  An unidentified judiciary official quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency denies the report.

This rpeort includes information from The Associated Press, Reuters and staff.

Timeline: Recent Middle East unrest

Video: On the brink of civil war in Libya

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    >>> on the ground in libya tonight there is new pressure on gadhafi as well. those who want him out, as we said, are moving closer to the capital. and there's high sangite about what may happen next. jim maceda is in tripoli tonight. good evening.

    >> reporter: gadhafi may have told foreign journalists today that his people love him but anti- gadhafi forces have never been closer to the capital. despite a ring of soldiers and heavy armor around the city, inside libyans were daring to protest. this funeral for a man shot in the head by a sniper turned into an anti- gadhafi demonstration. but just as quickly ended after someone fired a round. and as people here heard report of opposition forces moving closer to the capital, there were signs of growing anxiety. many are standing hours outside banks to collect a $400 handout from the regime in a desperate attempt to buy support before the chaos strikes. everyone here seems to expect civil war , and the government stokes the fear.

    >> hundreds of thousands, and i repeat, hundreds of thousands of libyans will be killed and destruction everywhere for possibly year to come.

    >> reporter: throughout libya battlelines are being drawn. this amateur video apparently shows a gun battle raging between pro and anti- gadhafi forces in misrata, site of an air business about 100 miles east of tripoli with both sides fighting to a standstill. further east in benghazi, under opposition control, volunteers signed up to join in the battle and a transitional government is taking shape to run day-to-day affairs. but back in tripoli , gadhafi 's regime remains in charge. this weekend, gadhafi 's son saef visited supporters brandishing an assault rifle and promising more weapons. everything is fine, he said. we're going to be victorious.

    >> you can see the smoke.

    >> reporter: but the government has had to bomb its own weapons deep oes deep inside rebel controlled territory to keep the other size from using them. the opposition is now on tripoli 's doorstep, barely 30 miles away in zawiya. these scenes captured sunday by international news cameras show what was once gadhafi 's heartland have become a den of protests. thousands called on their lead are to step down protected by soldiers with tanks and machine guns. there's a real sense of foreboding here, brian. many libyans believe gadhafi when he says he will turn this country red with fire rather than be defeated.

    >> jim maceda in tripoli for


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