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Video: Opposition says its leaders jailed by Iran

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    >> to iran. authorities there are moving to try to cut off an uprising. they have thrown two anti-government leaders somehow in prison to the point where none of the adult children even know where they are. the opposition says the move will backfire and are promising more protests. we are joined now on the phone. we were talking earlier. you say this is the talk of iran. where are the opposition leaders? where does the government have them?

    >> that's the big question, chuck. nobody quite knows where they are. the authorities here have been vague about their whereabouts and haven't said if they've been put in prison or under detention but opposition websites have gone into overdrive and these guys have been arrested and specific about the prison that they have been taken to. it's a military prison in the center of tehran. but whether they have been taken to a prison or they've been moved from their forced detention is a moot point. since the 14th of february nobody has seen or heard from these guys.picture for two weeks now. they've been holding off arresting these guys for a very dark day and now they pulled the stunt on thursday night and arrested them and everyone wonders what the next move is going to be. protesters are starting to build up. whether they will make any sort of impact today with regard to the security presence we'll have to see through the course of the day.


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