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Big Test Looms for British Space Plane Concept

SAN FRANCISCO — A huge, unmanned British space plane is on pace to start launching payloads into Earth orbit in less than a decade — provided it can pass a crucial engine test in June, its designers say. Full story

Space Plane Era Won't End With NASA's Shuttle Retirement

One of the most enduring images of human spaceflight – in science fiction and reality – is that of a winged spaceship built to soar through the cosmos and return to Earth like an airplane. Full story

Secret X-37B Space Plane Spotted Again by Amateur Skywatchers

After an intense search, a crew of amateur satellite sleuths has spotted the U.S. Air Force's second X-37B space plane – a robotic spacecraft that launched into orbit March 5. Full story

Secret space plane blasts off after delays

After being delayed a day by bad weather, the U.S. Air Force's X-37B robotic space plane blasted off Saturday from Florida on a mission shrouded in secrecy. Full story

Secretive X-37B robot space plane returns to Earth

After seven months in space, the U.S. Air Force's secretive X-37B unmanned space plane returned to Earth today to wrap up a debut flight shrouded in secrecy. Full story

Secretive X-37B space plane may be near mission's end

A U.S. Air Force robotic space plane continues to maneuver in Earth orbit, according to the latest observations from skywatchers. The reusable space drone has been carrying out tasks using a suite of classified sensors and may be nearing its mission's end, according to comments from Air Force offici Full story

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See the Secretive X-37B Space Plane in Orbit with Phone App

Secret X-37B space plane has changed orbit

Amateur skywatchers spot secret space plane

New X-37B space plane likely an orbital spy

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X-37B space plane
X-37B space plane

An artist's illustration of the robotic X-37B space plane during re-entry through Earth's atmosphere.

X-37 space plane
X-37 space plane

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center image shows on-orbit functions for the reusable X-37 space plane, now under the wing of the U.S. Air Force.