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Video: Hawaiian volcano shoots geysers of lava

  1. Transcript of: Hawaiian volcano shoots geysers of lava

    NATALIE MORALES, anchor: In Hawaii , a new vent has opened in the Kilauea volcano , which has been constantly erupting since 1983 . Geysers of lava shot 65 feet into the air. Officials say, though, no homes are threatened. Some stunning pictures there, though. Seven-eleven right now. Back over to Matt , Ann and Al . You just don't want to be anywhere near that.

    MATT LAUER, co-host: No.

    ANN CURRY, co-host: You were actually able to report from there, weren't you, at one time?

    LAUER: We walked on some of the lava floes there.

    CURRY: I'm jealous.

    LAUER: It changes every five seconds. You got to be careful where you're walking there.


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