Image: Snow in Saranac Lake
Mike Lynch  /  Adirondack Daily Enterprise via AP
A front-end loader removes snow from downtown Saranac Lake, N.Y., on Monday,  after a storm dumped close to 30 inches.
updated 3/7/2011 6:58:12 PM ET 2011-03-07T23:58:12

A fierce storm late in a snow-heavy winter blanketed northern New England and upstate New York with up to 30 inches of snow Monday, while western Connecticut was deluged with so much rain that parts of homes and cars floated down a swollen river.

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In northern Vermont, drifting and blowing snow caused whiteout conditions with near-zero visibility, and a 10- to 12-mile section of Interstate 89 was closed for hours. Thirty inches of snow was reported in Jericho in northwestern Vermont at midday, the National Weather Service said, and the Burlington Airport saw its biggest March snowfall on record: 24.3 inches of snow by 5 p.m.

Spring's arrival in just two weeks meant the most popular types of snow shovels were sold out at Aubuchon Hardware in downtown Montpelier and grass seed was on display.

"Smile, folks — it's coming," Tom Walbridge said of spring.

Outside told a different story.

Amy Newman jogged along Main Street pushing a three-wheeled stroller with big, knobby tires and carrying her 3-year-old son, Wakeland. She paused and laughed about her disrupted routine.

"We tried going to the library, but it was closed. Then we tried La Brioche" — a popular local bakery — "but it was closed, too." Their next, and last, stop was the supermarket down the street.

The storm helped push the winter of 2010-11 up the record list. The 13 inches that fell in Syracuse, N.Y., made it the fourth-snowiest winter on record there, with a season total to 173.5 inches. Rochester, N.Y., surpassed 112 inches of snow by Sunday, more than 30 inches above normal.

It's the fourth-snowiest winter on record in Burlington, at 121.4 inches, and the storm appeared potent enough to challenge the famous Valentine's Day blitz in 2007 that dumped 25.7 inches on Burlington, said National Weather Service meteorologist Bruce Taber.

"We had almost a tropical air mass across southern New England that was trying to push north at the same time a polar air mass was trying to push south," he said.

"It was that battleground that created this intense snowfall."

Vermonters are used to winter weather, of course, but some were surprised by this storm, said Sotera Maglaris, manager of the Arcadia Diner in South Burlington. "They're surprised on how much snow we actually did end up getting and how bad the roads (are)," Maglaris said of her customers.

Schools and other public facilities closed across the region. Most nonessential state employees were given the day off.

A utility crew repairing downed power lines in the southern Vermont town of Baltimore was forced to leave the area because more ice-laden trees were coming down around them.

Heavy rain fell in western Massachusetts, where a mudslide in Greenfield forced at least two families from their homes and buried at least three cars under mud and debris. Mild temperatures melted snow rapidly and caused minor flooding in the eastern part of the state, though the region received less than half an inch of rain Monday.

In western Connecticut, heavy rains and melting snow combined to cause major flooding and mudslides. Officials in Shelton reported that parts of two homes and two cars were swept into the Housatonic River. The homes and cars appeared to be unoccupied, officials said. No injuries were reported.

The Housatonic was reported to be about 10 feet above the flood stage at the Stevenson Dam, to nearly 21 feet. Further upstream, an ice jam on the river broke in Kent and sent ice chunks and water onto a highway, which was then closed.

Image: Flooded home
Paul Kazdan  /  AP
A home is flooded in Washingtonville, N.Y., on Monday. Flooding closed several roads in Ulster County and other areas south of Albany.

Several rivers were nearing flood stage in New Hampshire as heavy rains combined with melting snow. Officials were also concerned that higher temperatures would cause ice dams to form.

Firefighters in Newport, N.H., used a boat to rescue an adult and three children as the swollen South Branch of the Sugar River rose around their home.

Parts of upstate New York were buried under more than 2 feet of heavy snow, combined with freezing rain, sleet and 30 mph winds. Scores of schools were closed and thousands lost power.

More than 50,000 power outages were reported at the storm's peak, most of them in the Albany, N.Y., area but also in central Vermont.

Maine saw rain on the coast, and up to 20 inches of snow in some inland areas.

"There's a little bit of everything," said Margaret Curtis, National Weather Service meteorologist in Gray, Maine, which got freezing rain at one point during the storm.

Story: Stormy week for most of U.S.
Story: Send, view images of the wicked winter of 2011

In northern Maine, where residents are accustomed to some of the nation's heaviest snowfall, rain fell for 18 hours and then turned to sleet and heavy snow. That added to the misery for mushers who departed Saturday morning from Fort Kent on a grueling 250-mile dog sled race, the Can-Am Crown.

About half the participants dropped out, but those who persevered began crossing the finish line Monday, said race marshal George Theriault.

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Video: Wicked weather brings snow, rain, tornado

  1. Closed captioning of: Wicked weather brings snow, rain, tornado

    >> seidel is in syracuse , new york, where the snow keeps on falling. good morning to you.

    >> reporter: good morning, matt. it's a quick change of seasons in syracuse . yesterday morning we woke up to 50-degree temperatures. they quickly plummeted into the 20s. rain changed to snow and it was all part of a wild, dangerous weekend of weather. this march storm brought everything from major flooding, more snow and deadly tornadoes. across the midwest, heavy rains flooded several areas. in shelby county , just outside of indianapolis, seven people had to be rescued from their homes.

    >> it took some of my friends coming out here and getting in the water and stealing somebody else's boat to come get us.

    >> reporter: outside columbus, ohio, 60 weather-related wrecks reported in less than three hours on sunday, blamed on icy roads. in buffalo, sunday snowfall pushed the season total past 100 inches. people just want winter to end.

    >> i'm ready for spring to get here, baseball to start.

    >> reporter: the worst was in rayne, louisiana. this security camera shows the tornado that touched down saturday with 135 miles per hour winds leaving shattered glass , and mud-soaked debris. one young mother was killed. authorities say she died sheltering her 1-year-old daughter as fierce winds brought down a tree on their house. 1500 people were forced from their homes by the twister.

    >> it was total chaos to be honest with you.

    >> reporter: it's going to be chaotic for the morning rush hour in syracuse . syracuse is now closing in on their fourth snowiest season on record. 170 inches so far, and counting. if you do the math that's over 14 feet of snow. matt, i don't know if you want to hear this but it can snow in syracuse into mid may.

    >> not that i don't want to hear it, but people in syracuse probably don't want

Explainer: Rough winter: Readers' photos

  • Scroll down to see how readers are coping with the rough winter, and click here to send images from your neck of the woods.

  • Submitted by Ryan Myklebust  /  UGC

    For 18 years Devils Lake of North Dakota has been flooding. In the last 10 years it has gotten critical, swallowing one town completely (Churches Ferry), one town that is half under water, and water and sewer systems failing, potentially resulting in a town relocation. Another town (is) going through a "buyout" because the water table is so high basements are flooding and personal sewers are failing. All while the government has no intention of releasing any water or doing anything but bottling up flood waters.

    --Submitted by Ryan Myklebust

  • Submitted by Neal Hall  /  UGC

    This picture was taken about 9:00am on 2/26/2011 in Tehachapi, Ca., on some of my in-laws property.

    --Submitted by Neal Hall, Tehachapi, Calif.

  • Submitted by Jason Smart  /  UGC

    The morning after the ice storm that hit Michigan, February 21.

    --Submitted by Jason Smart

  • Submitted by Danyelle Long  /  UGC

    This picture was taken in the early afternoon of February 21, 2011.  A friend and I were visiting the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens to take some photos when I saw this man sitting on a bench. The way he was framed by the arch overhead was just beautiful. The area received 19 inches of snow over two days.

    --Submitted By Danyelle Long, Bozeman, Mont.

  • Submitted by Rebecca Jones  /  UGC

    A blanket of snow covers Julian, CA, for a fun filled winter for the locals.

    --Submitted by Rebecca Jones, Santee, Calif.

  • Submitted by Elisabeth Moser  /  UGC

    Last Sunday morning, our small village woke up to an accumulation of overnight snow. As I came out of my home, I saw the church next door. The snow was beginning to fall from the roof as the sun came out. Strangely, as the snow fell from the roof it left images of crosses on this 150+ year old church.

    --Submitted by Elisabeth Moser, Carrollton, Ohio

  • Submitted by Stanley Heller  /  UGC
    Blizzard? What Blizzard

    Taken during February 1-2, 2011, blizzard in Chicago suburbs. Male alaskan malamute takes nap; perfectly comfortable in the nest he's created.

    --Submitted by Stanley Heller, Barrington, Ill.

  • Submitted by Cynthia Barboza  /  UGC

    First time in a long time in Dallas, Texas, that we actually get real SNOW. It's usually a mess of mix ice/sleet/rain/hail--but never snow. We received real fluffy snow today ") My hubby's mustang was excited about that.

    --Submitted by Cynthia Barboza, Dallas, Texas

  • Submitted by Susan Carson  /  UGC
    Submitted by Susan Carson  /  UGC

    Pictures were taken Feb. 6th in the morning ... Snow Day for us!
    East Dallas,Texas - by White Rock Lake area. We all met on street and decided to bring out the champagne, about 12 neighbors joined us in the celebration ... no work, only play.

    --Submitted by Susan Carson, East Dallas, Texas

  • Submitted by John Brunner  /  UGC

    Arkansas Snow! 12in so far and another 8in possible on the way!

    --Submitted by John Brunner, Rogers, Ark.

  • Submitted by Lisa Ford  /  UGC

    Dallas has never seen such beauty, and heartbreak for cancelled flights coming to the Super Bowl. Oh, maybe we can get some cheap tickets.....Really sorry.....but yeah!

    --Submitted by Lisa Ford, Irving, Texas

  • Video: Blizzard captured in 29 seconds by Andy Wastak of Algonquin, Ill.
  • Submitted by Frank Tiemann  /  UGC
    Downtown Chicago as the storm begins to hit in earnest
    Submitted by Frank Tiemann  /  UGC
    Getting off the Buffalo Grove train

    --Submitted by Frank Tiemann, Long Grove, Ill.

  • Submitted by Joanna Marrero  /  UGC

    My Kids in the igloo we made after the blizzard of 2011.

    --Submitted by Joanna Marrero, Chicago, Ill.

  • Submitted by Carly Bergeron  /  UGC

    The inclosure to our indoor pool collaped under the weight of the snow and ice that we've gotten over the past few days.

    --Submitted by Carly Bergeron, Oakdale, Conn.

  • Submitted by Mollie Galusha  /  UGC

    A large drift blocking our garage door. We live on a farm and our house was completely drifted in this morning. It took some digging to get out.

    --Submitted by Mollie Galusha, Clinton, Iowa

  • Submitted by Jim Cook  /  UGC
    My tunnel

    --Submitted by Jim Cook, Racine, Wis.

  • Submitted by Ivan Silverberg  /  UGC
    Submitted by Ivan Silverberg  /  UGC
    Submitted by Ivan Silverberg  /  UGC

    Some images that I took today amid the aftermath of the blizzard of 2011.

    --Submitted by Ivan Silverberg, Skokie, Ill.

  • Submitted by R Keuchel  /  UGC

    Tuesday afternoon. The optimists put their trash out for pick up.

    --Submitted by R. Keuchel, Pleasant Hill, Mo.

  • Submitted by Robin Henn  /  UGC
    Teenagers earn their dinner

    Taken around noon on Feb 2, 2011, in the aftermath of the blizzard that hit the Chicagoland area. My daughter and I ventured out into our neighborhood. We live down a cul-de-sac in a small community in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. Because there is so much snow, the snowplow drivers kept getting stuck and simply gave up trying to clear our little road. We found snow drifts up to six feet high.

    --Submitted by Robin Henn, Hawthorn Woods, Ill.

  • Submitted by Tim Alexander  /  UGC

    It snowed for 26 hours in NW Indiana. We got the superstorm and then lake effect from Lake Michigan.

    --Submitted by Tim Alexander, Crown Point, Ind.

  • Submitted by Amanda Minogue  /  UGC
    Cocktails with the Snowman!

    We were counting down the days until the first day of spring when we were temporarily sidetracked by the monster blizzard!

    --Submitted by Amanda Minogue, Naperville, Ill.

  • Submitted by Alan Carlson  /  UGC
    We need a big zamboni!

    Ice boats on Lake Kegonsa.

    --Submitted by Tim Reid, Stoughton, Wis.

  • Submitted by Tim Reid  /  UGC

    How do you get out? Snow up to waist levels.

    --Submitted by Tim Reid, Hanover Park, Ill.

  • Submitted by Lynn deBlois  /  UGC

    --Submitted by Lynn deBlois, Walcott, Iowa

  • Submitted by Carl Ulrich  /  UGC

    2nd Baptist Church, Bowling Green.

    --Submitted by Carl Ulrich, Bowling Green, Mo.

  • Submitted by Michael Ochocki  /  UGC
    Cars and bus abandoned on Lake Shore Freeway
    Submitted by Michael Ochocki  /  UGC
    Chicago History Museum

    --Submitted by Michael Ochocki, Chicago

  • Submitted by Traci Parker  /  UGC
    Cul-de-sac or hockey rink?

    Solid 3" of ice!

    --Submitted by Traci Parker, Frisco, Texas

  • Submitted by Jennifer Adams  /  UGC
    The newest view of our front yard =(

    This photo was taken this morning (Feb 2nd) in Beavercreek, OH.  We had a lot of ice build up during the course of the day and the large trees just couldn't handle the weight much longer. There looked to be about a 1/2" layer of ice coating everything. While checking on neighbors without power last night I could hear the very eerie sound of icy limbs crashing down throughout the neighborhood.

    --Submitted by Jennifer Adams, Beavercreek, Ohio

  • Submitted by Luke Gotfryd  /  UGC

    No one can leave their house.

    --Submitted by Luke Gotfryd, Naperville, Ill.

  • Submitted by Gary Kantz  /  UGC
    The Sidewalk Snow Gauntlet

    --Submitted by Gary Kantz, Gurnee, Ill.

  • Submitted by Dianne Goldman  /  UGC

    Noon, 2/2/11, Glenview, IL. My car is under there somewhere....

    --Submitted by Dianne Goldman, Glenview, Ill.

  • Submitted by Judith Sutcliffe  /  UGC

    Woke up this morning to about 3-4 feet of snow at the front door of our art gallery in downtown Mineral Point, Wisconsin. This little rustic snowman was right at home.

    --Submitted by Judith Sutcliffe, Mineral Point, Wis.

  • Submitted by Lora Gambino  /  UGC
    My daughter, Mia, trying to find the bottom of the snowdrift!

    This was my daughter, Mia, in our backyard the morning of the snow storm when it hit the Tulsa area. She couldn't resist! That drift ended up doubling in size. Our backyard is now filled with kid-made "snow caves". Tulsa got record-breaking snow accumulation, and my kids are loving every second of it.

    --Submitted by Lora Gambino, Tulsa, Okla.

  • Submitted by Joe Rotonda  /  UGC
    Where's the drive way?

    Snow drifts blanket Grand Haven, a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan.

    --Submitted by Joe Rotonda, Grand Haven, Mich.

  • Submitted by Lori Jager  /  UGC

    My mom's house in Waterbury, CT. This was taken by my brother Brian Boniecki on 1/28. He was trying to clear away the snow before getting more yesterday and today.

    --Submitted by Lori Jager

  • Submitted by Aileen Dingus  /  UGC

    Rock Chalk! KU's Lawrence, KS, campus, about 9:30am Tuesday 2/1. I felt like the Omega Man.

    --Submitted by Aileen Dingus, Ottawa, Kan.

  • Submitted by Amanda Heintskill  /  UGC

    After the streets had been plowed & with the winds, we have approximately 3 foot drifts as of this morning.

    --Submitted by Amanda Heintskill, Thiensville, Wis.

  • Submitted by Josi Auksel  /  UGC

    Portage, Indiana; At about 1:45 pm. This is me standing on my table outside. As you can see it's covered to the TOP in snow.

    -Submitted by Josi Auksel, Portage, Ind.

  • Submitted by Raul Garcia  /  UGC
    "Dad, how am I supposed to poop/pee in that"?

    Picture taken this morning looking out into my backyard. "Alex", my 12yo beagle, wanted to go outside and I couldn't help but to take a picture of him looking out. If only they could really talk and tell us what they think of things. =] 

    --Submitted by Raul Garcia, Schaumburg, Ill.

  • Submitted by BK Bartley  /  UGC

    View from 14th Floor at 211 E. Ontario St (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) at noon on 02-02-11.

    --Submitted by BK Bartley, Chicago

  • Submitted by Tricy Bingham  /  UGC

    The garage where my car is being held hostage.

    --Submitted by Tricy Bingham, Waukegan, Ill.

  • Submitted by Susan Rusch  /  UGC

    The siding on the entire side of the house was blown off last night from the winds. Taken in Madison Wisconsin this morning after the sun came up.

    --Submitted by Susan Rusch, Madison, Wis.

  • Submitted by Dayna Fladhammer  /  UGC

    That little red tip is the fire hydrant in our front yard in Wauconda in Northeastern Illinois, taken on 2-2-11, at 9am.

    --Submitted by Dayna Fladhammer, Wauconda, Ill.

  • Submitted by Chris Moehr  /  UGC

    The drifts were over the mailbox BEFORE the plows made their way into our neighborhood.

    --Submitted by Chris Moehr, Sun Prairie, Wis.

  • Submitted by Przemek Garczarczyk  /  UGC
    Bicycling in the snow, Evanston
    Submitted by Przemek Garczarczyk  /  UGC
    Closed stores in Evanston, IL

    --Submitted by Przemek Garczarczyk, Evanston, Ill.

  • Submitted by Lura Rogers  /  UGC
    Mother Nature - a work of art!
    Submitted by Lura Rogers  /  UGC
    Do you get my drift?

    Pictures taken of our patio and front door wreath after the storm - Feb. 2, 2011.

    --Submitted by Lura Rogers, Plainfield, Ill.

  • Submitted by Becky Zavilla  /  UGC
    Baby's first snow POA / Paint Colt , 7mo. "Trigger" Bixby,Oklahoma Feb 1, 2011

    We don't get much heavy snow here in Bixby, Oklahoma. Usually 3-4 inches, then its gone the next day. I think this is going to be around for awhile. 11 inches. 9 Degrees.

    --Submitted by Becky Zavilla, Bixby, Okla.

  • Submitted by Heather Chalmers  /  UGC
    Have Any Ice Melt?

    This was taken through a window out back on the deck. The cardinal just sat there for 15 minutes. I noticed that during the day, other birds did this too. The ice is falling constantly and I suspect they have been hit. I am happy to report that they all eventually flew away.

    --Submitted by Heather Chalmers, New Hope, Penn.

  • Submitted by Laura Briscoe  /  UGC
    Standing on top of fence at Rogers Beach Park, where snow drifts completely cover the parked cars.
    Submitted by Laura Briscoe  /  UGC
    Snow drift in the middle of East Lake Terrace

    We live in Chicago, just a block away from the lake. We tried to get out to see the lake Tuesday night, but the 60 mph winds coming off the lake made it impossible to get close. We went again Wednesday morning, about nine in the morning, and shot these images. The streets are completely full of drifts, many 5-6 ft high.

    --Submitted by Laura Briscoe, Chicago

  • Submitted by Michael Becker  /  UGC
    Chicago SUV Emergency Vehicles on Madison Street, just West of the Loop, 9:30am Feb. 2, 2011.
    Submitted by Michael Becker  /  UGC
    Where'd my car go? On Monroe Street just west of the Chicago Loop, Feb. 2, 2011, at 9:50am.

    --Submitted by Michael Becker, Chicago

  • Submitted by Maura Nolan  /  UGC

    Ice branch.

    --Submitted by Maura Nolan, Stamford, Conn.

  • Submitted by Markus McLaughlin  /  UGC

    Tree Like Shrub almost completely covered with snow. 21 inches of snow fell since Tuesday. This has been the worst winter since 2005; 5 weeks of snowstorms is too much!

    --Submitted by Markus McLaughlin, Hudson, Mass.

  • Submitted by Eric Hein  /  UGC

    Main entrance to Midwest Turbine Service in Hartford, Wis., early morning February 2, 2011.

    --Submitted by Eric Hein, Hartford, Wis.

  • Submitted by Joy JaymeSuniega  /  UGC
    Street view outside my house.
    Submitted by Joy JaymeSuniega  /  UGC
    Submitted by Joy JaymeSuniega  /  UGC
    In front of my house.

    Taken this morning, at about 8:30am CST. I think it's slowing down now, but who knows?  It just might come down some more later this afternoon. Stay safe everyone!

    --Submitted by Joy JaymeSuniega, Highland Park, Ill.

  • Submitted by Andrea Smith  /  UGC
    I want to go for a walk!

    --Submitted by Andrea Smith, Justice, Ill.

  • Submitted by Michael Rothweiler  /  UGC

    Lauren Rothweiler, age 1, helping to clear the snow after the Chicago 2011 snow storm in West Bucktown.

    --Submitted by Michael Rothweiler, Chicago

  • Submitted by Roland Leschkies  /  UGC

    Hamlin Ave between 111th and 115th in Chicago.

    --Submitted by Roland Leschkies, Chicago

  • Submitted by Keri Janda  /  UGC

    Our 2 1/2 year old son shoveling the mound of snow.

    --Submitted by Keri Janda, Olathe, Kan.

  • Submitted by Joshua Cedillo  /  UGC

    I live in Lyons, Ill., and the 2011 blizzard really brought us a great wave of snow. I am worn out after shoveling snow for the past hours.

    --Submitted by Joshua Cedillo, Lyons, Ill.

  • Submitted by Lane Burgess  /  UGC
    Old Man Winter

    Taken 9am in uptown Manhattan, on Ft. Washington Blvd. near the 190 St. stop on the A train and entrance to the Heather Garden in Ft. Tryon Park.

    --Submitted by Lane Burgess

  • Submitted by The Cimiaska Family  /  UGC

    --Submitted by The Cimiaska Family, Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

  • Submitted by Luc Tabourot  /  UGC
    Got these peanuts!

    This squirrel has been trying for a long time to get to the peanuts I put on the feeder for Blue Jays. He could not because of the cone baffle. Taking advantage of a huge snow drift under the feeder, he finally reached his goal!

    --Submitted by Luc Tabourot, Gurnee, Ill.

  • Submitted by Iazw Zer  /  UGC

    Iowa City, Iowa.

    --Submitted by Iazw Zer

  • Submitted by Carolyn Nelson  /  UGC

    Our toy poodle Paris' area had to be shoveled out for her.

    --Submitted by Carolyn Nelson, Schaumburg, Ill.

  • Submitted by Tammy Putman  /  UGC

    Nothing like a walk in a white out blizzard!

    --Submitted by Tammy Putman, Lee's Summit, Mo.

  • Submitted by Tammy Putman  /  UGC

    Someone driving with their head out of the driver's side window.

    --Submitted by Tammy Putman, Lee's Summit, Mo.

  • Submitted by Tammy Putman  /  UGC

    Horse with a blanket of snow.

    --Submitted by Tammy Putman, Lee's Summit, Mo.

  • Submitted by Przemek Garczarczyk  /  UGC

    Leaving the streets during the blizzard.

    --Submitted by Przemek Garczarczyk, Evanston, Ill.

  • Submitted by Mark Stewart  /  UGC

    Blizzard Birthday Boy Mark Jr., 5 yrs old.

    --Submitted by Mark Stewart, Waynesville, Mo.

  • Submitted by Joel Kordat  /  UGC

    Outside my front door in Brookfield at 3:30am.

    --Submitted by Joel Kordat, Brookfield, Ill.

  • Submitted by Krista Boltz  /  UGC

    View from office in Chicago.

    --Submitted by Krista Boltz, Chicago, Ill.

  • Submitted by Lorna Lanphier  /  UGC

    Back patio.

    --Submitted by Lorna Lanphier, Mount Vernon, Mo.

  • Submitted by Shanti Thokchom  /  UGC

    Early morning view of today's storm in Tulsa, Okla.!

    --Submitted by Shanti Thokchom, Tulsa, Okla.

  • Submitted by Krysti Walker  /  UGC

    Beginning of the blizzard.

    --Submitted by Krysti Walker, Clinton, Iowa

  • Submitted by Harold W Miller  /  UGC

    This  was taken from my door in Springfield, Mo. I-44 in background. This is near mile marker 67 at approximately 8:45 am CST.

    --Submitted by Harold W. Miller, Springfield, Mo.

  • Submitted by David Schiro  /  UGC

    The storm has begun in Plainfield, Ill.!

    --Submitted by David Schiro, Lockport, Ill.

  • Submitted by Carrie Cobler  /  UGC
    Outside my front window

    I attend the University of Missouri, Columbia. They have now canceled school two days in a row due to the amount of snow expected, that is very rare!

    --Submitted by Carrie Cobler, Columbia, Mo.

  • Submitted by Kristen Crawford  /  UGC

    Wind is blowing pretty heavily and that may have affected the overall measurement of five inches. I am inclined to believe we've gotten a bit more than that.

    --Submitted by Kristen Crawford, Cassville, Mo.

  • Submitted by Gabe Bratton  /  UGC
    Waking up to an ice storm in Dallas. This is a road in a north Dallas neighborhood.

    Taken from my home in Dallas at 7:00 AM CST on 2/1/2011. Waking to an ice storm in Dallas is an unusual circumstance. The ground was covered with a sheet of ice. No one on my street dared drive on this.

    --Submitted by Gabe Bratton, Dallas

  • Submitted by Yasmin K  /  UGC

    Bikes iced over at Ohio State University.

    --Submitted by Yasmin K., Columbus, Ohio

  • Submitted by Denise Peterson  /  UGC

    This is in Sedalia, Missouri. Pretty crazy out there, advice if you can stay home, stay home. We have snow, freezing rain, thunder all rolled into one.

    --Submitted by Denise Peterson, Sedalia, Mo.

  • Submitted by T. Smith  /  UGC

    School bus overturns due to icy conditions is Lees Summit, Mo.

    --Submitted by T. Smith, Summit, Mo.

  • Submitted by Katie Maguire  /  UGC
    Trying to fight snow off the roof!

    It took a fork truck to get a snow blower on the roof. But the roof is clean.

    --Submitted by Katie Maguire, Hingham, Mass.

  • Submitted by Wanda Roldan  /  UGC

    Digging out.

    --Submitted by Wanda Roldan, Garden City South, N.Y.


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