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Not only did America’s favorite celebrity party boy lose his job yesterday (March 7), he also lost his life — according to a new Facebook scam, that is.

Charlie Sheen is turning out to be quite popular among social-networking scammers, who over the weekend had the antic actor both starring in a bogus sex tape and punching a reporter in the face.

None of the above scenarios actually happened, of course (except for the part about him being fired from his hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men”).

They’re just the latest in a long series of scams designed to get gullible Facebook users to give their personal details and account privileges to shady operators, who get money every time a victim completes a bogus survey. Dodgy Facebook apps and videos also sometimes install malware on a user’s PC.

Other new Facebook scams included one that pretended to be video footage of a teenage girl killing herself, and another that promised free meals for a month at the Olive Garden.


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