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Video: Millions of dead fish surface in LA

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    >>> there is something fishy going on in california but officials can't say exactly what. millions of anchovies, sardines and mackerels surfaced tuesday at a marina in redondo beach . the fish kill so thick boats couldn't get out of the harbor. angie crouch is at the marina there. what's causing all of this mass dying, if you will, to fish?

    >> reporter: believe it or not, they say this is a natural event. they weren't able to find any toxins in the water. clean-up crews are going to be back out here at 8:30 this morning continuing the clean-up. it's getting pretty stinky as you can imagine as they begin to decompose. take a look at king harbor and show you what it still looks like this morning. you can see many sardines floating on the rocks, in the water, along the bottom of the arena. looks a lot better than it did yesterday, though. we have some video what it looked like when they first found millions of dead fish floating here. 18 inches deep in places, so thick you could barely see the surface of the water. the shocking discovery sent fish and game officials scrambling for a cause. they tested the water and the dead fish. mostly sardines mixed with some mackerel and anchovies when they couldn't find evidence of chemicals or natural toxins sometimes caused by algae. so they think the fish were actually driven into the harbor by monday's storm, which churned up a major tide and they think that the fish simply suffocated due to lack of oxygen here in the harbor. they'll be back at 8:30 this morning continuing the clean-up.

    >> angie, what they need is to bring out the sea lions from san francisco down


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